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Hey there, I just signed up today for some moral support and also if I can help others.

I'm a professional female with my own business, 56 years young and also a professional drinker! I've damaged my liver and put on weight! Has anyone reversed their damage? I have fatty liver, itchy skin and pain in my right side. I've not had a drink for 5 days! But it's been a struggle although I'm determined to get well


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  • Hiya and welcome :-)

    I personally was to far gone, I had cirrhosis. But fatty liver disease can be reversed it's an amazing organ, congratulations on stopping the drinking best thing to do obviously. Diet and exercise are going to play a big part in your life now which will enable you to reverse the damage. Cutting out salt is a great thing to do as well, and plenty of water lol. Hope you see it through and we are always here to help x

  • Thank you so much for that. How is your progress? I am worried that I have gone too far too and it's just a matter of time before I get cirrhosis as I've drank too much over too many years! Despite stopping now, is it too late to make a big difference? Thank you again x

  • I had a transplant 5 months ago so I great now... don't worry about anything until you have to all you have to concentrate on now is reversing the damage, there is a few people on here who have managed to do it. And it's never ever too late to make a difference :-)

  • Wow! That must have been tough but you're obviously a strong person. Glad you are feeling good again. Thanks again for the advice and I will keep going and doing as much as I can x

  • Hi B,

    I'm 56, female, have my own business...was drinking too much socially and discovered my liver had some problems! I completely stopped drinking..that's a kind of no brainer! The first 30 days was the hardest ( it takes 21 days to form a habit). I didn't give up my social fact went out to the local wine bar the 1st evening..just drank elderflower.. My friends know I have Hep C, and are really supportive. I have stopped the booze for near!ly 7 months...not counting lo!..

    So go girl..recover and get healthy! Presumably you are under GP and the necessary tests are in line.

    Best wishes

  • Thank you! 7 months is great! I am 5 days in and finding it a bit tough. I have a v supportive partner who has never drank so I'm lucky! I'm really going to try hard to be healthy. My mum died at 64 and it scares me! Yes my I have been to the doctors and my liver tests are abnormal...x

  • My man loves his wine, and his red meat, dairy and all things the liver does not!! So he has his..and I have mine..fortunately I love healthy eating...and am doing the best I L F T. numbers improved alot which encourages me to keep going! Just take it one day at a time and treat yourself kindly!

  • Thanks, I appreciate your time to reply. I'm hoping I can see good results too in the next few months

  • Fatty liver is reversible, it's dependent on life style so drinking, diet and exercise are the key.

  • Thank for that. I've given up drinking and smoking! Cold turkey is tough but I need to do it!

  • Hi there, and good luck! Welcome to the coolest club in town! I myself am sober 8.5 years. I was gifted with sobriety after hitting rock bottom and became an active member of AA. Actually, I had hit bottom years before, but instead of quitting, I got a shovel and kept digging!

    It can be very hard at first, especially without support. Hopefully you will not have any seizures. It is normally best to go through a medical detox if a heavy drinker..the odds are better, and it's safer. They also give you some counseling and group therapy, which can help prepare you to go into AA or counseling.

    AA is great for me because the steps really do work, you can be from any background, religion or no religion, etc. but your surrounded by others who can relate entirely to what your feeling and thinking. They too might have been terrible parents, maybe survivors of abuse, lost jobs, relationships etc.

    But you learn a new way of life, a better one.

    It's funny, now I have the greatest relationships with my adult children, siblings, parents etc.

    Just like the forum helps with my liver disease, so does the program with every other aspect of my life.

    Not to be a nay sayer, but for the person who said it takes 21 days to become an alcoholic, this is entirely false. Some folks take years before social drinking becomes alcoholic. Some heavy drinkers never become alcoholics, they just drink a lot and if they have a consequence, like an accident, trouble at work, etc, they immeadiatly stop or reign it in. There are three types of, heavy and alcoholic.

    It's not how much or how little, it's Why we drink.

    I was predisposed. In other words it was in my gene pool. My father was an alchie and a junkie.

    The minute I had my first drink I thought I had found god. Complete relief flooded through me. I had an entire personality change. I became a drunk right then, right there.

    I just want people to know this, in case they are thinking of going on some 20 day ended and coming out unscathed.

    I will you sobriety and health!

    Get the Big Book, or Alcoholics Anonymous to learn about our illness and how to get better.check out a few meetings. Often your first might not be a good fit, plus it will all be a blur..but I promise you, it gets better. There will be some very tough times in getting sober..some say the first year is a gift and for some of us it's a lot of work.

    But everyday is a gift. To yourself to your family and society in general.

    Just remember, we all need can't do it on will power alone. If you try it will be as bad as being one likes a resentful dry drunk.

    Someone, something else is in charge. Pray of meditate for sobriety every morning and do the same at night, but giving thanks for that day.

    Sorry if I sound bossy..these are just suggestions to help if you choose not to go to meetings.

    Cheering you on!

    Kimberly, a grateful recovering drunk. And your American Pickle! Lol

  • well join the club Brodie....fatty liver, itchy skin-pain in the side...yep been done there-done that! I recommend the 5:2 diet-it takes your mind off not drinking and the weight falls off. Give it a go. However after 6 weeks I suspect the pain and itching will subside if you stay off the alcohol. keep posting

  • Thank you. I'm doing the joe wicks diet at the minute and loving it. Really! 6 weeks but I guess after drinking on average a bottle of wine a night for 10 years plus I can only be grateful that I haven't progressed to much more serious damage. I'm off the booze and determined. Just have a lot of skin rashes mainly on my arms that are itchy and bumpy. How long have you been well? Hope you don't mind me asking and how you got there?

  • You're drinking habits very similar to mine except I have a few years on you now but I was drinking for a longer period. I'd been having some digestive issue for a while and then I had my ggt levels checked in Italy. They were elevated so did the diet and lost about 10 kgs and all the symptoms. Took about 3 months in all however ggt levels didn't normalise. And stupidly I didn't lay off the vino. So now 4 years on my ggt levels even higher. Still only fatty liver according to ultrasound but I do really have to be serious now. I have no symptoms other than palish stools occasionally- sorry. No itching but the liver feels inflamed. My advice get bloods tested in 6 weeks and see how it looks. Once things are normalised you may be able to have the odd glass of wine on high days and holidays but you have to be careful from now on. 14 units max per week and half that with fatty liver. Best of luck

  • Also I've done quite a few posts on this site which may be helpful just search on briccolone

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