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Hi - I've now been told that my GGT is 150+ and ALP is 100+ and these have been more or less consistently raised for almost 10 months. All other LFT's are normal. As stated in previous posts, my Ultrasound was clear, have suffered Vit D deficiency. Doc does not seem overly concerned but is speaking with a Liver Doc at local hospital to try and get a diagnosis. I know that these LFT's can go as high as 500-600 so mine don't seem to be too high even though over normal range. Has anyone experienced this, is there any cause for concern? Waiting to hear from docs but will have to wait (again!) for any news as it's now Christmas holiday. Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • I wish you all the best for the future. Rest assured that the group are right behind you. Keep us in mind.

  • You do not say if you drink a lot of alcohol or if you are overweight or not.

  • Yes, sorry! I am about 2 stone overweight but only drink 3 or 4 times a month and that being 2 or 3 glasses of wine.

  • You sound like me. I'm a couple of stones overweight and a moderate/light drinker. I've recently recovered from osteomalacia (adult rickets) due to my problems absorbing vitamin D, for which I was under an endochrinologist. I don't know if its connected to my liver problems.

    My LFTs have been abnormal a couple of times, but the problem they've identified now is a very high GGT. ALP is 91, so just a little elevated. Everything else is normal, blood tests and scans, and I've been tested for *everything*, even Wilson's Disease. I'm quite anaemic (Hb of 10) but that's probably my age.

    All we know is that something is wrong with my liver, so my GP wants me to see the liver specialist in January.

  • Thanks replying. What was your GGT?

  • GGT was about 100 and last time it was tested, a couple of years ago, it was 90 - should be no higher than 30 if we're using the same standards/unit.

  • Yes. So your doc has referred you to Liver Specialist on the basis of ALP 90 and GGT of 91. Do you have any other symptoms?

  • GGT 101 last time actually. I have a lot of symptoms, which is why I keep being tested. My blood sugar is unstable (pre-diabetes), I have chronic fatigue, I have difficulties absorbing fat soluble vitamins (vitamin D particularly - had to have injections as the tablets weren't doing anything), abdominal pain, overall itching, particularly at night, I have joint pains particularly in my feet (although that is probably another condition I have). And I have a family history of severe autoimmune problems. However, my AI tests at the moment seem OK (sometimes my ANA and ESR are elevated, which can indicate autoimmune problems).

    I am also borderline hypothyroid, but my GP doesn't want to do anything about that until everything else is sorted.

    The problem is, I've been unwell in one way or another since I was born and I have several chronic conditions already diagnosed, so you never know which problem is causing which symptoms and sometimes I've been misdiagnosed. I was treated for Rheumatoid Arthritis for 18 months before they changed their minds. I've been diagnosed with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which is a connective tissue disorder. That was after I managed to partially rupture *both* Achilles tendons. I have problems with partial dislocations etc. which could explain the fatigue and joint pains. I am also 'atopic' meaning I have severe, chronic allergies (I'm allergic to Nature, I think).

    To be quite honest, having visited almost every hospital department except the prostate one, I'm getting a little fed up.

  • hi active-quite similar to my situation other than the ALP. My recent ggt levels were 167-they had been higher over 200 at one point-do a search on GGt on this site and you'll see some useful posts. You say a bit overweight but don't drink that much-could be non alcoholic fatty liver. GGT of 150 is not terribly high-my GP was quite reasonably relaxed about it although I think it's worth changing diet if you can-I did 3 months of abstinence and the 5:2 diet and things improved quite a bit

  • That's good to know for me too. I suspect fatty liver, but my GP is convinced it isn't that. However, I discovered from this site that a biopsy is the only definitive test for fatty liver as scans can be inaccurate.

  • yes-ultrasound probably won't pick up borderline cases and I definitely had symptoms when I had my scan-I'm going back to the diet because it had beneficial effects on cholesterol also

  • Briccolone, will you go to the Livertrust roadshow, not sure if you are uk based? Or if you have had a fibroscan?

  • hi sunflower yes aiming to go to the london one jan 20 I think

  • I'm not sure I'm borderline. I'm symptomatic, but my blood results are all over the place and don't seem to indicate any one condition. My cholesterol is normal. I suppose I just have to wait until they can do more tests and figure out what the heck is wrong with me.

  • one of the first things that happened to me was vit d levels low-the doc didn't understand it because its rare in white caucasians but I reckon this was the liver not processing due to stress from too much wine-my vitamin d levels have normalised since i've been drinking moderately. Vitamin d can be addressed pretty easily anyway so not a major concern-the ggt is another issue

  • If you're of Scandinavian extraction, there is a genetic defect found in some Scandinavians which causes us to have difficulty converting vitamin D in our skin to a usable form. Unfortunately, if your levels get really low, addressing the problem can be very tricky. It took me two years before the intra-muscular injections I was having finally started to take effect. If you do a bit of a search you'll find this vitamin D problem is well known in Northern Europen and is thought to be related to the very high rates of MS in a similar population.

    And I still don't know if its connected to my liver problems, or if I just generally have a weak metabolism.

  • interesting-apparently vit d deficiency much more widespread than first thought-better keep up the daily sunshine

  • I think we might have to wait a couple of months :(

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