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Follow up after Transplant Problem

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Hi all,

All has been going really well for the first 9 months, but just before Christmas I developed a spot /lump on my head, I went to the skin clinic yesterday and it was diagnosed as a cancerous growth as a result of the drugs I now take.

The good news is that there a high chance it has not spread and I am now waiting for it to be removed, has anyone else had experience of this type of problem?

Will it happen again anything I can do to stop them, I was never in the sun without cream and a hat.

Just a bit worried if I could get more things like that happening


17 Replies
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Sorry to hear this David. Do you know which drugs caused this ? My partner developed a breast lump but it was harmless. No-one ever mentioned that his meds may have caused this.

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The consultant said the mycophensolate was the usual cause and I guess the prograf, its the anti suppressants that allow it.

We have no choice but to take them

That really sucks David. I'm certainly glad to hear it ended up in a completely accessible spot for removal though. Better there than on the inside somewhere. Is there any other type of medications that doesnt have the mycophensolate in it? I was just reading on it and it seems to increase the chances of skin cancer and lymphoma. The lump in h0b0 partner may have been a lymph tumor?

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I dont know, I have emailed Birmingham and advised them of what has happened and if there any actions I can take.

I just got the first appointment with the surgeon that will be operating on it, for Monday

Which is very quick, it will be an appointment for the removal then.

I was wondering if I should see if I could get it done in Birmingham QEH even though it will need and overnight stay

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Hi there. I take Adoport. I've just read through the contents and there doesn't appear to be any Mycophensolate in there unless it goes under another name, Alf

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Hi David. Sorry to hear that. It sounds like it's going to be dealt with fairly quickly which is great news. Hope all goes very well and that you have no more repercussions from it. All the best, Alf

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Than you!

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This link might help us to understands a bit more about life after transplant and the increased risks associated with the medicines we have to take to prevent rejection of the new liver.


Thanks for the link

What I have seems to be one they dont list, the skin consultant recognised the problem straight away as a problem that can arise with anyone, but suppressants make it more likely, He was training another Doctor so I got very little information.

I will try and ask more on Mondays appointment

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My brother (age 43) who has been on immune suppressants due to auto-immune conditions since age 15 recently had a basal cell carcinoma/rodent ulcer removed from his face. It was cut out and face stitched (by a dermatologist at outpatients) with no lasting effects and once it was out that was it.

Hope yours is something along the same lines.

All the best,


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Thanks that has ben reassuring info.

I am hoping mine is the same, I am just worrying it would be a regular thing

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Hubby was told to wear factor 50 when in the sun due to skin cancer risks post transplant

If it is your aunt rejection medication they can change them

Hubby is now on envarsus after adeport after his potassium dangerously high

I have asked the question of the QEH to see

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Hi David and everyone else

I'm so sorry that is a real pain. At least it was found quickly.

I live in France and am on Advagraf and myfortic . Over here we have an appointment with a dermatologist once a year. Is that the same in the U.K.?

Wishing you better health David.

Isabelle x


In the UK Its have never suggested to me to have an appointment with a dermatologist so far anyway.

Although you are warned of all the risks and the things to do.

Self checking I guess id the best thing to do so, you catch anything ASAP

Thanks for the good wishes



I am so sorry to hear what has happened to you. I'm glad you are being sorted quickly. How did you go on on Monday. Take care Lynne

I really appreciate you asking, Monday confirm I have a growth that needs urgently removing, but the chances are high that should be the end of it.

Waiting now for am appointment and then results of the dreaded test.

I hope you are doing a little better than over the last few days


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