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Operation Done - follow up

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Well its 10 days after the making the main ward Back a home for a week and two follow-up visits completed Where has the time gone! Every one comments that I am pink again and my voice is back to normal Lost a stone in weight my trousers fall off! Looking at my discharge paperwork the op was done just in time I feel so very lucky The time in ITU was very reassuring as the staff really make sure you are OK The ward time was a slow lessening of pain and getting better, and making friends for life. Key points being able to sit yourself up and get out of bed! Now home and most of the pain has gone i can get up walk about eat and all the normal things with very little pain and feel soooo much better. My only worry is it is going to well and waiting for the knock back! My message to all is have faith, it does seem to be able to happen my journey was over 6 years but with a bit of luck my new life is starting. This forum has offered great support which I truly appreciate. Don’t forget the carer after would my wife is tired and exhausted with the stress, so I must get her considered and felling well. A potted history of my operation. I will stay on the forum happy to add my comments or supply more information on my experience. God bless you all David

5 Replies
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Sounds like it's all going well ... Don't worry about what may or may not happen just remember the team what have taken care of you will be on your case for a long time to come 😊

If you could encourage your partner to take some time for themselves now it's so important my husband had to see a counsellor about 8 months after my transplant due to not coping with all the changes that happened he had gone from being a full time carer to not needed it's hard for them.

Anyway glad you are on the highroad now and long may it continue x

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Its great to hear all is going well. Long may that continue. I think the first thing I noticed was how bright and white my eyes were. Its strange the little things you notice. Hope you continue to enjoy your newly re-found pinkness. :-)

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Brilliant David ☺ love and best wishes to you and your wife. Xxx

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You are so positive...great news...

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Great to hear how well you're doing. Everyone keeps saying how pale I am but it's just cos my jaundice tan has gone. I even had to change my make-up foundation colour but I doubt you'll have to worry about that lol 😂

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