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HOLIDAY best place to go with HCC and other

just wondering if anyone has been abroad with HCC and encountered any problems whilst away. We keep saying a last minute holiday away to get some sun but then a nagging feeling that I have to stay in GB. Good to hear from anyone.

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I keep pondering this and don't have HCC! If you have good insurance cover, what about south of France? Good hospital system if required, or southern Germany,? Thinking is vaguely: good hospitals and not too far to travel if you are ill and need to get back. Best discussing with drs though as you may need 'fit to fly' letter if flying and ? need that for insurance too. Another place not so far from UK, and where sun often shines, is Channel Islands.


All depends on if you are waiting for any kind of treatment. I was on the transplant list when I considered a holiday abroad but this would have involved (obviously) a temporary pause to the place on the list and after a false alarm, I decided against it. Other than that, it depends on general health, completed EHIC application, travel insurance and probably a letter from your consultant to say that you are fit to travel.

I don't think that it is safe to assume that you would get medical treatment free at the point of delivery (apart from immediate life saving, that is).

While I was on the list we took advantage of short holidays in the UK and visited places, sone quite near home, that we had not been to before. It was good fun and a very pleasant surprise, although did not involve much loafing by a pool with a paperback novel and much sun.

Hope you have a good time, wherever you decide.



Hi daisy. As others have said it's the travel insurance that will be the deciding factor. As far as I know European Health card would only cover you for emergency A&E type appointment or a GP type consultation. You would be best to have insurance that would cover you if you needed to be an in-patient in a hospital, plus pay for any scans or procedures that might need to be done at short notice, plus curtailment costs if you became ill and had to come home before the end of the holiday, plus transport costs to get you home before your scheduled flight etc etc. Most travel insurance policies cover all this, but not always if you have a pre-existing condition or are having hospital treatment. You will have to answer questions such as 'have you had hospital treatment in the last 12 months' (which is a yes for you); and other questions about waiting for further treatment etc.

Since I was diagnosed I've not been brave enough to fly abroad (I know Bigplanet had an overseas holiday fairly recently and made it back, though got very tired with the traveling) and do what Mike does and have lots of little breaks in the UK


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