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Meds stopped

Hi all, went to see consultant on Tuesday,we spoke about the incessant itching that I'm suffering with and after looking at my meds he told me to stop them all.

I was taking Pantoprazole for acid reflux as well as been on it for years he seemed to think that was the culprit as it can cause pruritis ie itching, so I stopped them on Tuesday guess what the itching is still there maybe even worse, am at my wits end with it now,I've tried everything

Suggested on here before very careful with my diet just can't get any relief no matter what I do!!

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Hi Gizmo.

Is your itching all over your body, or just in certain areas? Before my transplant I had the 'itch' in different places. ( both shoulders, top of both arms, either side of my tummy and, believe it or not, my nipples!) I used a combination of coconut oil and a prescription cream called Dermovate. It was effective to a degree, but wasn't a long term solution.

Hope this helps.



I have had the same problems. tried creams etc. but for me it was the use of laxative to keep me very regular that helps shift the toxins, the itching would at least then stop in the early hours.

I would keep trying everything, in the end you will find something to slow the itching down

Best wished and Good Luck



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