Confused re liver cirrohiss

Confused re liver cirrohiss

Have had massive GI bleed in Feb this year, banding, then internal bleeding which led me to have a procedure called APC which burns away varices, endoscopistsaid I need to go to a liver units every large vein on liver which he would not touch he wrote to my gastroenterologist who disagrees re liver unit and says everything is under control, I am very concerned as to what to do now anyone in the know on this, thanks angse

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  • Best bet to go back to your GP and ask for a further referral to Liver Unit for further tests.

  • Thanks to all for giving me advice, strange as it seems got letter in post yesterday with an app. For liver unit at kings college Hosp, my gastroenterologist must have changed his mind, I could not be more pleased, wishing you all well. Angse

  • I agree with Mike8702 - This is the field of the expert hepatologists

  • I agree with the above too. Best get a referal to see an hepatologist.

    All the best.

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