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Dla - re liver transplant

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Hi I received my Dla prior to my liver transplant which I got in 2015. I didn't know I had to inform the Dla that I had my transplant as straight after it i had a seizure then a stroke. I have had more seizures since then and now have epilepsy. I still attend Edinburgh Royal Hospital and Crosshouse Hospital with regards to my liver as I still have complications with my immunosuppression medication. I also still have appointments with my neurology consultant re my epilepsy. I'm worried now that I haven't informed the Dla should I do so now please can anyone inform me what to do.

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Have you had notification yet that your DLA is due to transfer to Personal Independence Payment? (Most people will be moving over to PIP in the next wee while). Although yes you probably should have notified them of the changes in your condition it might cause complications to now do so - they would no doubt start the ball rolling for a move over to PIP with a fresh assessment of your condition (and all your post transplant complications) and how they impact on your Daily Living & Mobility. If you want to keep yourself right you could go ahead and notify them of the changes and go through the PIP system now instead of waiting for the changeover.

I would advise you if you are going for PIP then make sure you get help to complete the form, go into as much detail as possible, get supporting letters from your neurology consultant and someone at Edinburgh re. your ongoing liver issues. DWP / ATOS will not get this proof and it is up to you to provide it or they will just make up their own minds. It pays to have the medical evidence to back you up.

I would wholeheartedly recommend taking out a subscription to the website Benefits & Work (less than £20) and they have step by step guides on how to complete the forms, how to present at Face-to-Face assessments, how to handle appeals process and what evidence to provide to support your claim. It is at:- benefitsandwork.co.uk/

We are in South Ayrshire where there is no Citizen's Advice Bureau anymore, for my hubbies first PIP appeal we got great help from the council Welfare Rights Advisor and for his second application I used the Benefits & Work guidance and we had a successful application.

Best wishes, Katie

(We attend Ayr Hospital and Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh)

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Kate_67 in reply to AyrshireK

Thank you very much Katie for replying to my text I am extremely grateful for you taking the time and pointing out to me on what to do. I received a letter a few weeks ago about changing from my DLA to PIP in the near future. I have a social worker at Edinburgh Royal with whom I could speak to will I speak to her about the situation or do what you have informed me to do ? My neurologist consultant is at a different hospital Crosshouse I was transfered to him recently why I am unsure as I had a neurologist already at a different Hospital Ayr Hospital and Irvine Central however in saying that I am hoping that both consultants relay my condition to each other but I did have two appointments in 1 week where I had to phone to see if I had to go to the 2nd appointment and it was cancelled. Anyway again thankyou for replying.


Hi I had my liver transplant in 2012 and was in hospital for 3 months, once I was out I realised I hadn't called them so I did, they was understanding but they took payments out of my money for the period of time I was in hospital. I also had a few T.I.A's ( minor stroke) while in hospital and have had 9 since coming out of hospital. I got diagnosed with carotid artery disease in 2014

Firstly I hope your better. I didn't know I had to inform them as this is my first time on benefits. Since I was in and out of hospitals from 2011 till present although last time was last December 31st do I have to inform them of all the dates as over the years I simply cannot remember them ? Thankyou for taking the time to inform me by replying to my text...


Just tell them your transplant admission date and discharge date that should be fine x

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