Gastritis with Cirrohiss

Hi everyone hope all is well as can be with you all, I have a question re-gastritis when I had first endoscopy November 2012, I was diagnosed with this but as far as I was concerned I had no symptoms with it or acid reflux they said I have, have been on lansomprozole since then, ever since I have been on this medication I have had very uncomfortable sensations in stomach, pain at times, and more or less Nauseous most of the time, with my throat I have a feeling there is lump in there, which there I sent, it just surprises me I have all symptoms when on medication, and relief when I take myself off it, but doc says I have to have it, I just think its strange, you all going to think I've lost the plot now. Angse

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  • Hi angse. I have had ongoing gastritis symptoms - and nausea with vomiting occasionally, which occurs in the middle of the night when I am lying flat. I am similarly on omeprazole -which does help (If I forget to take is I invariably waken with nausea only to fined the tablet there not taken!). However it does seem that your symptoms occur when you are on medication - and none before you started the tablets. Maybe you need to discuss with another GP in your practice - or when is your next hospital appointment?

  • Hi games maker thank you for your quick response, yes I will mention it next month at kings college liver unit, it just seems strange that I really do dread taking the medication, but was told had to as when you have cirrohiss you have to keep acid levels down in stomach area thanks. Angse

  • Hi angse. I was put on lansoprazole to protect my stomach from steroid tablets and it gave me indigestion and heartburn symptoms even though the docs said it shouldnt. I asked to stop taking them and have been fine since. However as you have gastritis you probably need to take something so maybe ask to switch to a different one (omeprazole perhaps) and see if thats better for you.

  • Thanks bolly yes you are right I will ask for different medication see how that helps thanks again. Angse

  • Hi again angse. I have cirrhosis and have not been told I need to keep acid levels down. I suspect its your gastritis that requires you to be careful with foods that irritate the gut. (with liver issues its usually salt and fats you need to be careful with). Rather than rely on medication that makes you feel worse, have you looked at diets for gastritis and then looked at what you eat and when and see if you can work on that to reduce the acid reflux. Acid reflux can be quite sneaky when you lie down at night as you dont notice it while you sleep. I believe it helps to limit drinks with caffeine, spicy and highly seasoned foods and some acidic fruits such as grapefruit and orange.

  • Hi Angse, when I took lanzoprazole I felt rough on it,switched to omeprazole and felt much better. I was told omeprazoles a more expensive drug but not sure about that. Sam x

  • Have you ever been tested for helicobactor pylori? I was taking omeprazole following a gall bladder op but it says in the info it can cause liver probs and I felt worse.

  • Thanks everyone for all comments, I did see my heptologist the other day, and he said I have to take lansomprozole to keep stomach acid down, he believes that my symptoms could be due to another cause, and see my gp, I will try diet for gastritis and see if that helps, once again thanks, oh and everything went well at kings scan good and bloods so happy there. Angse

  • Hi Angse. I suspect your hepatologist wants you to stay on a proton pump inhibitor for the acid reflux. Ie if you just asked to come off the drug they would most likely say No. However Omeprazole does the same job, did you in fact ask to switch to that and were refused, or did you just ask to stop the Lansoprazole and were refused?

  • Hi bolly no I didn't ask to change, heptologist did say they were mainly for the gastritis, to keep acid levels low due to varcies, so if things don't change for me, I will see gp and ask for something different, thanks bolly for all good advice, and also thanks to everyone else. Angse

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