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Campylobacteriosis and low Platelets

Hi all

Just out of hospital, taken in with cronic abdomain pain sickness and diarrhoea, fever and shakes, blood in sick and diarreahoa at weekend. Stupid consultant said I had rib bruising. Yeah okay, pain was no were near my rib cage. went to docs and had further tests got results today got Campylobacteriosis (bacteria food poisoning suspected) and my platelets are below 100. Doing further tests as my platelets should be higher to defend or maybe just used up. Fed up with hospital consultants they just don't seem to know what they are doing or listen to what you are saying, had to repeat myself 4 times to each new consultant that wanted to poke me.

Luckily I have a good set of doctors in my practice and are looking after my needs and very diligent. He rung me up this morning personally to discuss and to ensure I was okay as this bacteria and symptoms can cause issues with Liver and adds to general list of symptoms.

Well another set of tablets to add to my daily list...feel like ringing up the hospital consultant and going you stupid xxxxx.

Rant over with...

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Jesus Andy, it never rains but it pours. Have been reading some of your other posts on here, and all I can say is thank god you have educated yourself about yourself because you sure sound like an expert patient to me now, and hopefully that will stand you in good stead for situations like you have just had.

Hope it wasn't your 'healthy' home cooked food gave you the food poisoning, lol, ha ha not a very funny joke.

Get well soon, you will make it.

Bolly x


Thank Bolly. Yes I just add it to the list of 2013. I study and research everything now to ensure I now what the docs are talking about. Yesterday got confirmation of my MRI to check my never opus system and today doctor rung to say my LFT are weird, might be the infection.

Oh...we went to Poland last week so must have got something over there, can't blame my cooking tried to blame my partners but that got kicked back...

Feeling better today...thanks xxxx


That was nerve system....iPad decided to make up a new word.


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