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A Completely Different Run Today


After my previous run / shuffle which was the toughest I’d ever done, today a totally different person laced up his trainers and emerged through the front door.

I felt much more like my old self today for some reason, I can’t explain it, but I’m so grateful for it. I chose the NRC Breaking Through Barriers Run and set off at what felt like a running pace again, I chose my alternate route which has a steep hill at the beginning and even that didn’t feel too bad. The guided run ended and I felt I had more in the tank, so resumed the workout until I’d reached 7k, at what I later discovered was a pretty good pace. At the end of the run I encountered the dreaded hill again and this time walked up it until I’d reached its crest.

Then I had the crazy idea of doing another NRC Run, this time a 2k one just to get me home, which is what I did, and with This Is Me from The Greatest Showman playing in my ears, I completed it !

I’m showered and typing this feeling a bit more like my old self again.....in the words of Indielass00....Thank God For Running !

Positivity, Strength and Hope everyone!

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Great job, as I said things will get back to normal and look brighter 👍

Couchphoenix in reply to CI578

Thank You 😊 Such a difference today, I was staggering along last time, felt totally different today x


Love this post!!

🏃🏃‍♂️ yay !!

Thank you D-F, felt lovely to have so much more energy today x


That’s so good to hear

Thank You 😊 it felt so much better today and it’s done me the world of good.

WillowandSolaGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

I am pleased, it’s tough but good runs help


Fantastic! Brilliant! Amazing! 😁So pleased you are feeling much more like your old self. Sounds like you had a dose of the perfect medicine today! Thank God for running indeed 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

Thank You 😊 I’m not sure where the extra energy came from today but it felt lovely to be able to maintain a decent pace and cover a good distance. Definitely helped me 👍🏃🏼


Lovely uplifting post Couchphoenix and not one but two runs. Well done 👏👏

Couchphoenix in reply to Buddy34

Thanks Buddy34, nice to have found some more energy from somewhere today it did me a lot of good👍


Yay, go you Couchphoenix! :)

Couchphoenix in reply to Cmoi

I did go today, thanks Cmoi 😊


So pleased to hear this!

Thank You Lizcanrun, 😊 it did me the world of good that run.


Brilliant effort, so pleased for you, and todays word on the hedge is "believe" happy running 🤗

Thank You Grannyhugs. Well that word on the hedge is very appropriate today, before going out I said to myself this is going to be a really good run and thankfully it was 😁

Nice one CP and cheers for the mention! ☺️What a great track to finish that fantastic run on ! 💪🏻

Glad you are feeling more like your running self again. I too felt that way today. First time I have done a run where my average pace is 7:37/km. So really chuffed about that. Running gets all those happy chemicals going, I love it!

Well done with your run. Don’t know about you but I can’t wait for my next run day! 😜

Thank You Indielass00, 😊 not sure where that energy came from, but I had that feeling whereby your legs just seem to carry you along, which I love. I’m absolutely shattered now, but it’s a nice shattered if that makes sense.

We both had a good run today, yes like you I’m looking forward to the next one now 👍

Nice shattered totally makes sense! 😀 I can’t wait to be able to run for longer. All in good time ☺️


Well done, glad you got back out again today, a good way to take your mind of other things, and sounds a decent run too! ☺

Couchphoenix in reply to Peter44

Thanks Peter44, it’s helped me no end, I’m shattered now but it was well worth it. I felt like an old man last time I went out there. Today’s was loads better and has given me something positive to focus on too. I’ve signed up for a 50 mile Race at Your Pace Challenge for February, something to keep me focused.

I was pleased to read from one of your responses to another post, that you have two daughters, who I’m sure have given you their love and support after all you’ve been through.


Aah...fabulous. So good to see you had a much more enjoyable run...and feeling better in yourself 🥰

Thank You LMW, 😊 much much better run today, last one was a killer, this one I really enjoyed, weather was perfect too.

LottieMW60minGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix



I also have a son, 24, we try to help and support each other, not always easy, with usual family squabbles 🤣 covid, lockdowns, and furlough, also makes things interesting, all live at home with me, like Indielass00 says, thank god for running!!! 🏃‍♂️🦌🏃‍♀️🙏

Couchphoenix in reply to Peter44

I can imagine ! that’s a busy household, yes Indielass00 was spot on, I don’t envy her having to do home schooling 😬 that would definitely get me through the front door 👍

Think positive thoughts for me today Peter44 and Couchphoenix , as today is my no run rest day !!!! 😳Have a good day both of you! 😀

Ps I think it’s a girl thing high emotions, am I right Peter? My son is two and he is so much more chilled!!! 😂

Sending positive thoughts your way today Indielass00 good luck with the home schooling 📚😬 I think you may need it !

Thanks me too! Have a lovely day CP x

Peter44Graduate10 in reply to Indielass00

Hope the home schooling going ok today, ummm, boys, well, he was pretty hard work, from about 10 years old, still has his moments now! 🤣 but wouldn't be without them! ☺

Indielass00 in reply to Peter44

😂 no I wouldn’t be without mine either! But let’s just say I’m looking forward to run day tomorrow no matter how much it’s raining!!!! 🤣

Peter44Graduate10 in reply to Indielass00

Rain= quiet paths!!! 🤣

Indielass00 in reply to Peter44

Also = a cooler Indie lass (even though I will look like a drowned 🐀) 😂

Peter44Graduate10 in reply to Indielass00

Weather not looking good, especialy up north, just listening to news about schools not going back for a while, affects both of us, i guess! 🤣

Indielass00 in reply to Peter44

Yes I messaged my brother this morning that I hoped numbers would be better after half term as I was finding the homeschooling difficult, especially when trying to juggle my two year old too. That’s when he informed me that it might be after Easter to which I replied “Arggggggh! 😭😭😭” 😂😂

This week has just not been a great one so far. But the afternoon was loads better today and so I’m hopeful for tomorrow 🤞🏻

After saying my son is chilled, he screamed the house down this morning, so I popped him in the pushchair and went for a walk!!!

My Garmin watch would have had a field day monitoring my heart rate, thankfully I wasn’t wearing it! 😂

Peter44Graduate10 in reply to Indielass00

Ummmm, yes, i'd heard there is talk about after easter, especialy now all exams are cancelled again, it's mad how long schools have been shut, since first lockdown, last march, i cant complain too much, as been on furlough, near full pay, but once again, thank god for running! 🤣

Indielass00 in reply to Peter44

That’s good that you have had full pay! Apologies for my rant! 😂Tbh more gutted that I’ve not seen my mum since the start of August and was hoping to travel to Yorkshire to see her at Easter 😢. She’s missing me and her grandads too . 🤞🏻things improve this year with the vaccine.

As for the weather it’s pretty hideous this morning so might be best to run tomorrow! Enjoy your rest day! 😀


Hoorah! Really pleased for you CP 👏🏼 Your running mojo was never going to stray too far and today you had it in abundance! - double run no less! 🤩🙌🏼

Keep on doing whatever feels right day by day 💛 PSH coming right back at you 🌟

Thank You ACC 😊 my running mojo was definitely with me. I’m doing what feels right as you say and taking things steady as I’ve got a tough week ahead of me next week, but it’s definitely helping me no end.

acountrycabbage60minGraduate in reply to Couchphoenix

We’ll all be thinking of you next week x

Thank you I really do appreciate that x

Woohoo! Welcome back!

Thank You sofaspud 👍🏃🏼


Good man for coming back strong after your last run. I had one a while back where I physically couldn’t complete the run because I was so tired. I thought I’d lost the ability to run! It can be very sobering, but I think we have to have the bad runs to test our resolve a bit, and you’ve done a great job of getting back on the horse with this effort!

Thank You LLJ I’ve got a lot going on at the moment, mums funeral is next week, so grief and having to arrange that has been playing on my mind and affecting my sleep a hell of a lot. But it felt great to get out there, feel like my old self again and have such a good run after the last one 👍🏃‍♂️

LookslikejamesGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Yeah I'll bet it has. I hope the funeral goes as well as can be expected. Just do what you can do. I'm sure the running will help your sleep and mindset, along with everyone here giving you support.


Ah that is so fantastic and amazing to read. Yaay massive well done my running friend x

Thank You Rebecca 😊 my sleep is still all over the place thinking about what’s ahead next week....but that run felt so much better and it’s helped me a lot x

9weeks2RunGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Oh bless you I am sorry. You are doing fantastic, so glad the running is helping you. Take care x


Super well done you - such an achievement- both physically and mentally. I hope you are 'buzzing" and on the 'up' after that great run.

It definitely gave me a much needed lift Teresafaith, I think when next week is over I’ll feel a lot more settled. I’ve set myself a 50 mile Race at Your Pace Challenge for February to give me something to focus on......might have been a bit ambitious as it’s a short month, but ill give it a good go 😬

TeresafaithGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

YAY!- good for you- I've opted for 35 miles in January- darent even look at February yet!!!😱

Brilliant! I’m sure you’ll complete those no problem 👍 I managed 50 in December and loved the Medal I received 🏅🤗

TeresafaithGraduate10 in reply to Couchphoenix

Yes, I got the December medal- it was really lovely - I only did 28 miles in December so opted for 35 this month- YIKES!


Brilliant! Positivity, Strength and Hope indeed.

Thank You Fionamags 😊 I think I had all 3 on that run 👍🏃‍♂️


Fantastic Couchphoenix ...welcome back to your old self 😉

Thank You Mummycav 😊 it felt great to have so much more energy this time and such a good run. I was totally exhausted last time, it’s been a rough few weeks x

MummycavModerator in reply to Couchphoenix

Be kind to yourself...always 🥰


Wonderful to read this post CP..... you sound like you're back to your old wonderful self!

Couchphoenix in reply to 58soon

Thank You 😊 My old wonderful self 😂 that did make me laugh.....I’m getting there slowly and that run was a much needed tonic x


So great to hear your back into the running ! (back in the running ? ). Don't do your back in running. 😜 Great stuff !

😂 I think you’re entertaining yourself there with all that clever word play.

Thank You Juliet202 😊 it has helped a lot to have had such a good run, I’ll try not to do my back in, now I’m back in the running 🤪 x

One song I love and it comes from the Race for Life that I did, they play it at the finish line (or they did)... "What have you today, to make you feel proud?" Think it is M People or whatshername, Heather Small. Played it to Tinytears60 on graduation day too!

Sometimes, the music takes on a whole new meaning.

Glad you felt like your old self. Well done on your achievements too... sounds like you were Forrest Gump-like today 😊🤗


I’ve got that song on my playlist, I’ve also got M People Search for the Hero, great stuff. Forrest Gump indeed 🤨 😂 Beyoncé Running is another good one 👍


I have tried with Beyoncee, and although I love her normally (she's formidable!) I can't run to that!!

Will add Hero though to my playlist 👍

P.S. just read on your profile that it is nearly your anniversary of starting C25K... end of Jan... but what date? 😊😊

I started 22.01.20, I’ve just looked up my W1R1 on the C25k app, so almost a year now 👍

3 days til your anniversary 🎈🍰🥳🍻🥂

Yeah, it’s hard to believe it’s been a year.

It is good to hear you are feeling more yourself. I love this post 😊

Couchphoenix in reply to Dups

Thank You Dups 😊 I appreciate that.


I’m so proud of you for getting out at such a personally tough time for you Geoff!I know someone else who will be watching you and feeling super proud too 💔💙

I hope your running gives you time snd space to think of happy memories, cry, shout, scream or do whatever you need to get through this.

You will always have the medal and the run you did and it will now be super precious for you


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