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Early 50th Birthday 10 Miles and so chuffed :D


Hi everyone, I don't post things usually but do get alot of encouragement from being part of the community here and love reading how everyones getting on. Today though I wanted to write it down because I'm proud of what I've achieved and wanted to share it with others who would understand :D Way back in August last year I decided that it would be a brilliant idea if I was able to achieve a few things for my 50th birthday in April like go on a rollercoaster with my son (what was I thinking and still not sure about that one, luckily they're all shut for now :D), get my 1st tattoo (booked for my actual birthday but not sure its going to happen now sadly) and be able to run 5k eek!. It was tough but I completed C25K in October and enjoyed it so much that I stuck with it and then managed my 1st 10k on Boxing day and yesterday I did it (2 weeks early because who knows what's going to happen and I may not be able to get out again for a while) I did my 10 mile 50th birthday (revised) challenge on a perfect, sunny but chilly early morning with hardly anyone around on my local trail and I'm really proud that I've done it. Best still I came home to a homemade pancake breakfast made by my children, lovely! Have to admit though I'm a bit stiff this morning but so worth it :D Stay safe everyone

P.s sorry about the rubbish photo but I didn't realise that the lens had condensation on it but it was a lovely view of the sun coming up over the river as I headed home again :D

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Wow must have been beautiful out there!! Happy Birthday 🥳 for April. A wonderful milestone & a fun bucket list for you! Well done on your 10K Excellent 🎈🎈 🎈 & lovely family breakfast 🍳

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to Annieapple

Thank you :D


You have achieved so much in a short time , and by only just posting it, you can claim for shiny badges on all 3 forums. C25k graduate, bridge 10k, and marathon 10 mile!

Congratulations 🥳 🍾🥂

Sadly it looks like your 50th birthday celebration may not be as you hoped , but wow you can be so proud of yourself. I wish I’d discovered running at 50!

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to Dexy5

Thank you, I didn't know I could get a badge for 10 miles I'll have a look into that :D

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to Guinea70

You can never have too many badges! 🥇🥈🥉🏅🎖🏵


Congratulations Guinea70 🎉

Great Post! X

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to AliHC

Thank you :D


Awesome achievement Guinea70 what a fabulous birthday present to yourself. 👏🏻😊

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to lexi6

Thank you :D


Congratulations- what a journey you’ve had. We started c25k at the same time but I must admit I’m going for cumulative Kim’s rather longer individual runs. Impressed with your 10miles. 🤣🤣 roller coaster - who thought you’d be saved by Cv19. Keep going with that great work. Happy running 🤗

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you :D yes definitely saved for the time being but he won't forget :D


Well done. 👍10 miles is a long way! I did my first 10 mile run not long ago. Maybe take it a bit easier the of the week? I know I did! 😂


Well done!!

10 miles is my favorite distance - a real workout without the drain that a HM is, at least for me :)

Wishing you a very Happy Birthday in advance 🎂 and wishing you many happy miles in your future :)

Guinea70Graduate10 in reply to Irish-John

Thank you and many happy miles to you too 😁


Wow that's a long old run... Huge well done to you!

Happy 50th when it happens...you have 10 miles bagged already.

You can ask for a 10 mile badge on here if you wish.


:) xxx


Well done Guinea70! 👍🎉I did my first (and only) 10 miles last September - but who knows!😀

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