OK - so when should I run my 50th parkrun??

I have a couple of opportunities to run my 50th before Christmas - both of which are not particularly "auspicious"

- but I could run it on New Years Day. My local parkrun will be doing a double run on Friday 01/01/2016. I think that date has some particular and unique vibrations that attract me - firstly it is a Friday (not your normal boring Saturday) , secondly it is New Year's Day morning ( when only Superheros can get up in time for a 5K run at 7AM), thirdly it involves two x 5Ks (one is local and then everybody races 20Klm by car) to go in the second one!!)

Can anybody tell me why I shouldn't do my 50th parkrun on 01 January 2016??? :)

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  • No, unless you didn't want to wait so long...or is this after you get back from your cruise?

  • No - New Years Day is a week before our cruise :) It will be the first day of my new running life :) 50+ ( parkruns) in my 70th year.

  • Definitely do it Bazza, it's just what the doctoe ordered to cure you of your running malaise 😀

  • Sounds just perfect-you've got to do it! 😆

  • A hangover from hell???

  • Well the date will be something to remember. Double celebration and something to talk about at bbqs. Go for it

  • No reason -sounds like a great way to start the new year.

  • Nice one! Do it!

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