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Weird pain behind knee

Started on the magic plan to try and get to 10k! I'm currently managing 5/6k max about 2 or 3 times a week.

I've noticed this last week after my run (never whilst I'm running), I have an odd pain behind my knee which is worse going up and downstairs, hills, kneeling etc., but seems to go after a couple of days , and then repeats itself after my next run. It's by no means very painful - more of a niggly sharp pain and never constant.

Any thoughts? I'm not sure if I should see a physio or not.

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No idea what this might be but if it's recurring I would have thought seeing a physio would be wise, in case it leads to a worse problem ?


Yes I think I will do. It’s odd as it comes and goes and I only get it the day after a run

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Hi I get this behind knee pain. I’ll be very interested if you get a diagnosis of some sort from a physio. I haven’t been as like you it comes and goes and I never have it while running.


I’ve started doing a good hamstring stretch. Put your leg up on a level surface such as a bed and relax your ankle and foot. Bend over the leg as far as comfortable. I’ve found this pretty helpful. Not as painful this morning


Sounds good I’ll definitely give it a try 👍


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