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Second 10k smiles. Last run of 2018

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Very happy this morning.Really pleased to have followed JuJu's plan for a second time.No pains or troubles this time around so I'm very pleased to have powered up!

During the 'course' I have found my speed for 5k has ramped up considerably so an ambition for 2019 is to reach a sub 30min 5k.

Now for a full week off visiting a friend and singing Georgian music in Helsinki.A pretty unusual combination I know.But no running in freezing temperatures for me.

Memorable runs were in the pouring rain with a horse in on Dartmoor, getting gloriously lost on the Cardiganshire coast, my 53rd Birthday run in June, Christmas day and of course TODay!

This community has been great company on the way, especially as I prefer to run alone at present.Thankyou.Your encouragement and advice have helped.Your excitements and achievements have been so generously shared and your running stories sometimes had me in stitches.I'm so glad that running is part of life's rich tapestry!

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Congratulations on your second 10k run Empem!😀...

Enjoy your break in Helsinki, and look forward to running with you again in the New Year!

Brilliant last run of 2018!😊xx

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Thanks Blue! Still feeling chuffed.Happy New running year.

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Well done, Empem! Keep clocking up those 10km runs, it will soon become a favourite distance (I love it!) It’s interesting to see, too, how running longer distances improves your speed for the shorter ones.

Good work. 👍

Sadie-runs xx

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

Thanks SR.It was interesting noticing the energy highs and lows, getting a feeling for what is a good pace at this distance and generally saying "c'mon" a lot.At 4 and at 7 I think I was not so happy but managed a massive spurt at the end. Good to know it's possible to love it! Happy New Year.

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Sadie-runsGraduate10 in reply to Empem

Happy new year to you, too. 😁 Oh I still have to say “c’mon” quite a lot, but now with a bit more confidence! 😁

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Congrats on your second 10k, and your fastest to date! Whoohoo! Enjoy your break (I’m on one as well but no singing for this gal 😄). You’ll come back reguvenated ready to run your 3rd 10k.

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to SaskAlliecat

I guess that's what happens next! Might just do Juju's plan again as I'm too lazy to consider another structure to keep hold of.No harm in it and it stops me over doing it. Happy New Year to you.

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SaskAlliecatGraduate10 in reply to Empem

No harm in doing it again; it’s a great plan! Happy New year to you, as well.

A great run and a lovely route. What a fitting way to mark the end of a great year of running 😊.

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to DebJogsOn

Hi DJO see you out there!....x

A week off singing Georgian music in Helsinki sounds wonderful. I'm a singer too, and can't wait to start rehearsals in the New Year for our next projects. Our choir even has a running club, but we only run together when we're away on tour, so looking forward to running in Amsterdam in February when we're doing Mahler 8 at the Koncertgebouw. (The rest of the time, I'm like you, a lone runner).Happy singing, happy running and happy New Year.

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to Razouski

Ah wonderful to hear. Have a happy , well and musical New Year.

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Wooo Empem, brilliant! 👏👏👏

Here’s to you and your sub-30 5k next year! First of all, enjoy Helsinki, it sounds like it’s going to be lots of fun! 😀

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EmpemGraduate10 in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks CC. Running gear in the wash , everything ready to go! Happy New Year.

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cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Empem


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