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4 legged pace maker’s the way to go


Having graduated C25K in late summer I’ve been trotting along with consolidation runs, only managing 2 runs a week at best but varying my routes and getting out in the dark and the rain now the evenings have drawn in.

Thought that perhaps winter wasn’t going to be possible for me to increase my distances...

That is until Last week when I discovered a secret weapon in my gorgeous Labrador dog, first time I’ve run with him, we started up the hill and I immediately had concerns we were not going to make it back before dark, he set his pace and I couldn’t exactly drag him (he weighs over 30kg!) so I resigned myself to a slow run.... well turns out my 4 legged companion knew best and we nailed my longest run yet in a respectable pace.

Now, just need to teach him how to pull me up these Cornish hills!

Did my first 6k today with puppio in tow!

Maybe 10k is doable over winter...?

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Great run... who’d have thought it? Every dog I’ve had has gone off too fast to be any help! Congrats on the 6k, 10’is doable for sure.

rancher in reply to UnfitNoMore

He is a steady eddy for sure, excellent on the lead which helps!

Now if I took our Springer Spaniel it would be a VERY different experience!

UnfitNoMoreGraduate10 in reply to rancher

I do a lot of my runs on the parkrun course up the road as it’s flat... I got passed a few weeks ago by a gazelle type runner and his Dalmatian... they can run all day and quick, has to be marathon training! I think I need a St. Bernard 😂

rancher in reply to UnfitNoMore

Lol St Bernard would be useful if this rain keeps up!


Wonderful rancher! ❤️ What a beautiful dog! 🐕

I run with my Lab too. She’s a petite little yellow working one, only about 21.5kgs, but she’s quick and agile and loves to run with me! She knows it’s run time when she wears her harness, and I’ve even bought her a little hi-viz vest to wear when we volunteer at parkrun. She’s one of the team!

Isn’t it wonderful having a 4 legged running buddy? ❤️🐕🏃‍♀️

Thanks Cheekychipmunks not the best picture but I do think of him as the David Beckham of the dog world!

He also has a harness with flashing lights when he puts this on we call him Disco Dog...not sure how impressed he is with it but he can sure be seen!


It's definitely easier to run further when you slow down a tad - well done that dog!

I think a Bassett hound would run at about the right pace for me 🐕

rancher in reply to Tartancat

Well done dog indeed!


That is brilliant. Have you both joined juju’s magic plan?

rancher in reply to Dexy5

Not yet (only just found this page!) but reckon I just might!


What’s lovely dog you have rancher! Great post Yes! Come and join Ju-Ju’s plan would be great to have you on there too 😁


It is so doable now you have your four legged coach...... well done to both of you 🐕😎

My dog ran with me through C25K and started to struggle a bit on the longer runs (she's a Staffie, not built for that sort of thing). That led to me slowing down a bit so she could keep up which was good for me as well. She ran 6K with me this morning and is now sleeping in the sunshine :)

Wonderful 😊 my boy has long legs so probably doesn’t need to work as hard as your Staffie

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