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Do you know the way to 10k?


Hey gang :)

I’m hoping that’s an easy question actually. What I’m doing is having to get used to my new improved orthotic insoles, which are now meaning that I’m striking the ground straight apparently. I can feel when I run, and I have been, that I’m striking the ground much more evenly, less heel striking, more mid striking, but it all takes getting used to, almost like learning to run again.

Thing is I’m now using the muscles slightly differently, with the insoles and the stretching regime the physio gave me, so there’s a bit of a route back if I want to avoid injury. However, I’m on the trail not the couch, I’ll be back soon enough hopefully. Should be able to manage 4 or 5k on Friday.

Anyway, short post perhaps, but I must go and do my self-torture, I mean stretching :)

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I have orthotic insoles in my Asics, Neil. They were £25, but worth every penny. Each time I wear them, they feel like new and feel very springy.

Don't rush anything, just take your time and use the physios advice. You will build it back up before you know it. All systems go for you Neil 👍🙂

MummycavModerator in reply to quirkybee

Oooo, Beth...I might need some of these...where do you get them?? xx

quirkybee in reply to Mummycav

I got mine from DW Sports in store, but you can buy them from Amazon quite easily. I'd link it, but unsure how to do it within these messages and whether my phone will support it, (Samsung S8). If not I will message you lovely 😊 xx

MummycavModerator in reply to quirkybee

Thank you Beth xx


You'll be back and better very soon I'm sure.


You’ll be great Neil - back up there before you know it. Xx

Your a trooper Neil.

Atb, with everything.

Steady as you go .

Remember to breathe while you are doing your stretching.Sounds silly but the main reason is to free your diagphram from your rib cage.🤔.Helps keep everything in harmony particularly upper body stuff.

Good luck with the legs.👏👏



Glad you are keeping up with the stretching, good lad. And I hope you get used to the new insoles quickly. Work your way back up nice and slowly. Been there done that! It won’t take you long, trust me.

I’m on the SC at the moment (SC = sickness couch), with a stupid cold. So won’t be running for a few days, just cheering you on using Kleenex (other brands are available) as confetti.

Sadie-runs xxx

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Yup, stretching being done. I can already feel positive effects from it, which is great. I can't wait to go on a run again at the weekend. Aiming for 5k I think, but we'll see how it goes.

The insoles do take a bit of getting used to I have to say, simply because they are forcing the forces of running and walking to operate straight down rather than at an angle. I'm still getting used to it, and I'm feeling the difference in my ankles a bit at the moment, but I'm sure that will ease., it's really not too bad. I felt it a bit after my first short run with the new insoles on Sunday, which is why I'll try to work my way up reasonably slowly until I'm sure everything's all good.

Sorry to hear you're poorly. Are you off work, or soldiering on?

Take care, Neil xxx


Well, that all sounds very positive. A good exercise we do in Pilates for strengthening ankles is very simple – just stand on one leg balancing for as long as you can; then on the other. Once you master that, try it with your eyes closed. 😳I can sense you are champing at the bit to go out for a run – me too! I might be well enough by Thursday, fingers crossed. And yes, I am at work, soldiering on! (Though not sure I will last the day.) Also stoically going to my Pilates class at lunch time. I will not let this cold beat me. :-)

Sadie xxx


Hi Neil, good to hear you’re out & about & doing ok...I haven’t heard of these but I’m going to look out for them...I’m still in between the IC & the outdoors & looking for anything that will help me get back to normal...I haven’t run this week yet & am itching to get out there, will prob run either tomorrow eve or Thurs morning

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