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gap between 10K runs - rest days? what possessed me to sign up for a race?!


Hello, I feel a bit of a twit. Like Withnail going on holiday by mistake, I seem to have signed up for a 10K by mistake.

I had a lovely chat with another runner after parkrun on Saturday and ended up signing up for a 10K event in November. It seemed a good idea at the time to set a goal but I'm now wondering if this is feasible?

If I stick to juju's (excellent :D ) plan then I will complete my 10K on Wednesday 24th October. The race is on Sunday 4th November, 11 days later. If all goes to plan what runs should I do between the plan grand finale and the race?

I usually do a 5K (parkrun on Saturday and then shortrun on Monday. Should I take a longer gap between the 10K and the 5K?

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Personally, I’d do the Parkrun on the 27th, then one short run before the race.

jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to UpTheStanley

Thanks, I think you're right - wasn't sure about timings


Hi Jeffbird, some runners have completed juju’s plan in 6 weeks by not repeating 8k and 9k but only you know whether that will be right for you. I am on W4 and have so far done Parkrun as R1, short run on Monday and long run on Wednesday. But I’m thinking of changing next week to long run Tuesday and short run as a recovery on Thursday. Like you, I want to keep my Parkrun on Saturday mornings.

Between graduation and race I think you will need to reserve some energy so just do short runs and strengthening exercises in the last week, but there are others on here with a lot more experience than me. Nice to have a target though.

Happy running 🏃‍♂️

jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

thanks, that sounds sensible. I do the same as you currently, I love the park run but it would make sense to do a longer run at the weekend when there's more time. I think I will stick to what I am doing for this week at least and see how I feel closer to the time

Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to jeffbird

Yes I should point out that I have the benefit of being retired so I can do long runs anytime 😂

jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to Dexy5

ah! can't afford to retire just yet sadly 😂😂😂


I think you will be fine. I did my first 10k at the beginning of September and ran in my first 10k race 14 days later, which gave me time to do one more 10k run and my usual short runs/Park runs. The race was ace! Really enjoyed it. I think just continue with your normal training/Park Runs and try to have a day or two off before the race. Best of luck! 🏃😁🏃

jeffbirdGraduate10 in reply to MutleyShuffle

thanks, good to hear that I am not being completely ridiculous with my enthusiasm ( I wouldn't say optimism as I am bricking it)


Can’t advise on the race planning as I’ve not yet done one, but I think you’ll be fine. Plenty of time 😀

On gaps between runs I do short runs Tues and Thurs and a long run on Saturday. I have more rest after the ling run and keep Tuesday easier than Thursday. Seems to work for me and fits with having less time in the week due to work.


I think in the long term your routine makes more sense as the longer runs aren't feasible before work as the days are getting shorter and I am less inclined to get out of bed early

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