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week 3 run1 of Ju-Ju's plan


After 10 days or so of not running I went out today and managed to hit a 7K run which is my longest to date, yay! I'm following Ju-Ju's plan but am mixing and matching the runs in the appropriate week dependent on how I feel. I decided that after a a number of days without running, I would try and hit the 7K big one for the week. Oh boy, I'm so glad I did!

I extended a route I occasionally run and this matched up perfectly to a 7K run. Part way through I did start to wonder if I could do it as the heat was starting to come up off the pavement and I do struggle in heat. By this point though I was halfway round and had no option but to carry on, so I did and I'm so pleased!

The last 1.5K started to give me a niggly hip. I think I need to buy new running shoes which I'm hoping will sort it so it's now given me an incentive tomorrow to try and find some. I've got a local independent running shop nearby so I'll see if I can treat myself.

When I started my whole running journey right back to the first week on C25K I never imagined I would be running 7K and aiming to get up to 10K. I am so pleased with my journey so far, bring it on....

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Great work Inspiredmum! Treating yourself to new shoes sounds like a very good plan x


Well done Inspiredmum!! Sounds like it was a good run and mixing the distances up worked for me too.

Definitely deserve to treat yourself to new runners. Don't forget to post a pic when you get them. We all love looking at new shoes :) :)


Wonderful! Well done! Ju-Ju’s plan is fab, and got me to 10k nicely. 😁 As for niggly hip, try some strength training. “Bridge” pose is good for hips. Also, look up glute strengthening exercises. I got a niggly hip after completing C25K, but after starting glute and core strengthening, it clean disappeared! Do not underestimate the power of strong bum muscles when it comes to running - they are key! All power to you on your 10k journey! 👏👏👏

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