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Who to believe - Strava or Runkeeper?!


Hi, I’ve had a long absence from posting due to a difficult winter with illness and then a glute muscle that decided to randomly stop firing and give me knee pain! I got back out just over a week ago and am on run 4.

So, I started using Runkeeper because Map my Fitness lets me down at crucial times - and, of course, because I never like to rely solely on 1 app, I also use Strava as I’ve used it since my C25K in October.

Today, I started Strava then activated Runkeeper, which gives me 35 seconds to start my workout (cue me desperately trying to stuff my phone back into my waist belt, trying to zip it up without catching my headphone wires).

At the end of my 5k, Runkeeper tells me I’ve done it in 32:28. Yay! Then Strava pipes up and tells me I’ve completed it in 31:41 (hey, Strava, you know I didn’t start running until 40 seconds after staring you, yeh?).

Who to believe?!?! 🧐😯🤔

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I use my Garmin watch and Runkeeper and very rarely will they be exactly the same (usually if I've run in a fairly open area, like a park, with few obstructions for the gps signal). My watch usually records me faster than Runkeeper (time is the same, but distance is further) but I go by Runkeeper because that is where I log all my stats and figure consistency is key. I suspect my watch is more accurate than Runkeeper given the nature of the signals but can't really comment on Strava. Regardless, it was a great run and a very respectable time, regardless of who you believe 🙂

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