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That feels better


When I did the C25K last year I did it through late summer and autumn which was pleasant running weather. After a period of illness and then xmas food and ale consumption I did the C25K program again in the April / May. Loved it.

And then we had the standard Czech Republic weather change. We tend to have 5 months of winter, 1 month of spring, 5 months of summer and 1 month of autumn. For June it has been 26C by 9.30am so the consolidation runs have been when and where I can. And then this morning for some bizarre reason it is only 12C and windy!

A distant recall of ju-ju- posting a 5 to 10k, a quick search to confirm and that was it. Off out the door. A steady 2.5km as the initial run and the legs were even happy to keep going at the end but I was back at the house. But oh it felt good to be back out there.

Happy weekend everyone.


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Oooh another runner on the 10 is the Magic Number plan... Good luck GingerBohemian its great fun and it works!

Have you signed up.?😊xx

* edit...Yes you have !


Brilliant GingerBohemian ...great that you’re joining me on the 10k plan...just started week 2 myself this morning, a lovely 3k on the side of the canal with me, the sunshine, swans & ducklings...absolutely perfect...glad your run was enjoyable too...what a lovely thing we’re doing


How lovely to hear from you. I will be watching closely to see if you can top your airport running misadventures!

Happy running!


Congrats on taking the plunge. Ju-ju's put together a great plan that has been successful for many of us on here. Enjoy the journey, it's a fun one 😊


Great to see you back at it, Ginge. I am doing the 10k plan too! Who’d have thunk it?! I will be cheering you on all the way. 👏👏👏

Straight back at you!


I am sooooo pleased, you star, well done 😎

Good luck with the bridge to 10K. I remember some of your posts on C25K, you had some wonderful places to run out there in Czech Republic and I really envied you. Hope you enjoy building up to 10k, I know I did, even though I thought I didn't really want to.

Happy weekend and happy running GingerBohemian

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