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What a week 2 PBs after a layoff


I’ve been feeling right out of sorts for a few weeks and even gave up on week 2 of Juju’s plan hoping to return to it when I felt better. I started back slowly last week with three runs. One interval session, one slowish 5k and another slow 7k. This week I did the interval session and felt really good after. Then I did the 5k after a day’s rest and just kept upping the pace throughout and ended up taking 2.5 mins off my PB! Today I went shopping and bought a new top and then did the longer run and took 14 minutes off my 10K which is only the second time I’ve ever run it. Feeling good! What a strange game this running lark is. BTW there’s nothing wrong with my knees I only wear those supports as I’ve heard too many sob stories! Call it OCD.

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Nice top! Well done on the PB and the recovery!

I read an article the other day on knees and it said running later in life, with a steady build up and gentle pace was an excellent way to avoid knee problems, as long as the build up was gradual and interspersed with rest days. Gradually building and then maintaining muscle strength around the knee was the key apparently. So maybe you will be able to dispense with those knee supports eventually!

BrianUKGraduate10 in reply to Fionn42

I’m usually quite OCD with a large dose of paranoia. But maybe one day as you say I’ll feel confident enough to ditch the knee supports.


Those are amazing jumps in pace Brian! Congrats on your PBs! I don’t wear knee braces, but I recently began wearing compression calf sleeves and they’ve done me a world of good in managing shin pain on long or hard push runs. Glad the running is getting you to a good place mentally too. Not much can beat it for clearing your head.

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