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The Drama Queen has left the building - News on the pesky knee!

Well after 3 days free of knee pain and a break from running of over a week - decided to try out a wee joggette this morning to see how the knee might react.

Decided to use Laura''s stepping stone podcast as it keeps me going at a really steady pace and also thought I could duck out at each of the minor changes in pace if it didn't feel manageable. Also stuck fairly close to home in case I needed to limp back.

So - it seems that the drama queen in me really had got carried away as I managed the whole 30 min though was careful not to push it and conciously took slightly short strides in hope of protecting my knees a bit. In fact it was quite an interesting run to focus almost entirely on how the knees were reacting at any given point (change in surface, pace, length of stride beginning and end of run etc) - in fact might do the same thing concentrating on hips next time.

However have decided on the following course of action:

Will definitely be using those hip and knee strengthening exercises.

Will sound out folk locally and speak to doctor to find a sports physio to see if there's anything I can be doing better.

Will think a bit more AGAIN about pushing my self to go too fast. Using the stepping stone podcast made me realise how much faster I'm running compared to even a month ago.

So hoping that some sensible runs over the next few weeks along with strengthening exercises will see me alright.

The Drama 'OMG I might never run again' Queen is back in her box!

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Yeay...good news Fitter40s...

Nice to have Laura with you, and listening to your body and going steady is a winning combination😊

Happy running and take care!😊x

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Very comforting to have Laura there 😊

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Sounds like a very sensible plan, glad you are back out there doing your thing. I think we all have that drama queen in us - made me laugh! Only because we are all so desperate to keep on running. So that's allowed and perfectly acceptable! :)


Was devastated at thought I might gave to take a long break

How addicted are we πŸ˜‚

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That's great news. Glad it went well. Which of the podcasts did you do? I have only used one so far!


I'm really relieved! I used the stepping stone podcast but have also used speed and stamina before. I like all of then and the stamina one helped me to my fastest 5k yet - but trying not to think about speed at the moment!

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Well done! I've had to wrestle her back into her box a few times lately. She does make a fuss....

Glad to hear you are making good progress (and learning about yourself in the process is always good).

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