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Bridge to 10K
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Not sure which week we are on?

Just ran 8.15K for a new distance PB so that is my 8K done and my third run of the week. Next week starts on Saturday with Parkrun.

I did not think I could do this and I was hurting early in the run at about 2K and 3K but focus returns as you near half way and a calmness descended all around me as I kept telling myself to control my pace. I am not a fast runner by any means just a beginner really well 5 months only. My splits were, 7.17, 7.08, 6.57, 7.20, 6.57, 7.08, 6.58 and 6.41. Hope springs eternal that I will get to 10K.

I have kept off the scales since Christmas Eve, too frightened to go back on. Having lost 31KG since 22/07 though I am now more focused on controlling my weight loss and burning calories, which allows me to eat what I need.

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Eat what you need! That’s the key ! Eat to satiety and all will be well As you keep running, extending distance gradually - and hopefully cross training - your strength anD stamina will improve. You will want to eat healthily to sustain your running.

You will get to 10k and beyond! 😃👍 You just have to keep plugging away. It takes 18 to 24 months to build running legs so you just have to dig in and do the work. Take your time. It’s a lovely time though so enjoy it. It’s great to be able to chart your progress and see the improvement


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