Inspector Gadget...not!

I did the elliptical on Friday for 30 min and then tried a regular run yesterday. It was supposed to be w9d3 of c2 10k, but of course I was trying to multitask with apps, using mapmyrun at the same time to get the audio pace and distance reminders plus I had a podcast going too and then the c2 10k app just gave up so I just kept going for a regular 5k instead. Lesson here I suppose, is to keep it simple 😀. I will eventually learn. Just c2 10k from here on in. On the plus side the elliptical did not have any negative impact on my run apart from a slight strain in my left knee which eventually faded away

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  • Well done. I sometimes think that less is more when it comes to tech... Having said that; I worry about the accuracy of mapmyrun sometimes. It told me today that I had done a 4minute KM, nearly had to stop due to laughing so hard :)

    Christmas is coming and I am thinking Garmin ?????

  • Less is definitely more in my case 😀. A 4 min km is very impressive!! My wife's Fitbit is convinced she is exercising through the night based on her heart-rate and 3 hr sleep its somehow recording.

    Yes maybe a Garmin when I crack 10k. You're there now so you've earned it 😉!

  • Well done despite the techy stuff!

    Oooooooh, yes time to think of that running Christmas list 🤔🤔🤔

  • I have seen people in the gym. using treadmills (so less gadgetry is required I guess) take up to 10 minutes sorting themselves out with music players etc. before taking off.

  • Lol 😂 i am not quite that bad but I can be a sucker for new tech. There's only so much we can ask of these phones though I suppose. C210 is the one app to rule them all from here on.

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