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Heel Pain :-(

Ive recently started to suffer with heel pain after running, when I first get out of bed is the worst and it gradually eases up. No pain when I'm actually running but the morning after is bad. Anyone else get this or have any tips? I have been trying to increase to 5K+ and take part in running sessions with others once a week but struggling to complete 5K without walk breaks now when I could do it 3 months ago! Have lost my way a bit.

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Sounds like classic symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

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Hmm think you are right πŸ™


Yes, sounds like plantar, I get a touch of it, I'm always gently stretching calves, achilles, feet, toes, flat shoes don't help...


I get stiff feet and ankles post run morning after but I put it down to my age

We don't know how old you are It could be down to an increase in intensity

Ease off. Plenty of time


I agree that sounds like PF.

I would try to get a definitive diagnosis, your GP or a physio.

I had a very severe case some years ago but nothing running related.

Controlled heel lifts and drops on the bottom stair may help. 15 up and then slowly down past the step, 3 times a day.

Do not wear completely flat shoes.... and flip flops are a no no!

For PF sufferers 12mm heel to toe drop shoes are recommended. Mine are 10mm drop and have been fine.

Good luck runner!



But check with your doctor first that PF is actually what you do have.

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