5 + 5 = 41? It definitely = :)

5 + 5 = 41?  It definitely = :)

A beautiful morning this morning, so, up early to complete Week 2 Run 2 of my, 10K revisited plan.

The plan is interesting... as I said in my first post about it…it is a real mixture and with a discipline about it which makes it easy to follow.

The runs are great… a bit shortish last week, but because of the variances in exertion levels, fun. :)

I am finding doing the strength exercises interesting. Having researched and put a programme of them together, I have discovered a few things about myself;

I appear to be stronger and fitter than I imagined.

Which is good!

I found out what a Sumo squat with calf raise is.

I liked it.

I cannot achieve a side plank –yet!

Single leg lateral hops really make my thighs ache… calves and ankles are fine.

I love the names of some of the moves. Bird-dog and Hip openers are particular favourites :)

In the running, I have discovered also… my natural ‘easy’ pace is about 165 bpm. So I am classing that as my exertion level 3-4/10 :)

So, currently and it is early days, no real issues, except… rest. The programme specifies, taking note of a heavy week of work or housework, and really take rest. It is this I have the issue with... I find it hard. I am not a natural rester. If I am at home, I am gardening; moving shrubs, pots and planters and building sheds, or walking with small one. If we are out and about, it is walking or cycling…I am not doing my painting classes currently so don’t have that two hour slot of rest. I need to work on this aspect of the plan, as one day each week is just classed as REST! So, I am going to make sure I take that day, and will try to finish all my half finished water-colour paintings, and crack on with my running themed, murder mystery novel!( the one that is going to make us very, very wealthy, when published)!

So… last week, runs at different exertion levels, cross training or strength exercises and this morning was an off- road run, ( my favourites), including hills. I was supposed to do 30 minutes off-road with 3 or four sets of 2 minutes up-hill, but it all got a bit confused. I took Stamina with me for the 35 minutes time, close enough I thought… I ran at a faster pace for most of it and ended up having completed five ‘hills’, all off-road except for the hill home. Not really steep hills...(what makes a hill?) but hill-ish enough :)

Anyway… long story short, (thank goodness you say) I completed 5.06 K and 5 hills in 41 minutes.

That will do this old snail and I am pleased with the way it is going. Will keep you posted if that is okay :)

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  • Gosh floss, there's so much going on no wonder you're required to take a day's rest! By the end of this you'll be as strong as an ox 💪💪💪 But 5 hills in 41 minutes is brilliant going so all the work is clearly paying off.

    I am exactly the same about taking rest. I just can't sit for long. Oh look, weeds, oh look I need to move that........

    But that novel sounds fab and just up my street. Are we all in it? Haha 😊

    Lovely post - keep them coming xxx

  • Yep.. you and I ...so alike :)

    The novel... yes... I think a lot of folk will be in there somewhere :) x

    Think lonely, early morning runs... beautiful weather, leafy woods, hidden tracks...Eeeeek!!!

  • Eeek indeed 😱

  • I know who the murderer was already - a gremlin!

    Does it all revolve round a marathon runner who drops dead during a race? No one suspects foul play except the wiley, old detective (female) whose nickname is "the grey snail".....

  • I'd read it....

  • No.. well... maybe... and could involve two cute runners...( alias axe murderers )!

  • Well I never, you certainly are going for it Floss! Cross training, strength and running up hills, those gremlins better not mess with you, not if they no what good for them eh! I think I might have a solution about your rest days, I can do them for you! he he! Sounds to me you have the bit between your teeth and there's no stopping you now, keep at it Floss you're doing great! 😎

  • Loving it Frank.... I surprise myself sometimes x But. yes.. I need to work on the rest bit :)

  • All sounds a bit complicated to me! But you seem to be organised and doing brilliantly, well done. Look forward to the next instalment :)

  • It is fun.. and keeping me out of mischief :)

  • Made me feel tired just reading it!😪😁 Well done! Go Floss! You inspire me and probably many others on here!😊

  • Maybe Dave.. but I do it because I love running...love sharing my joy and love the idea that I can learn something new, find a new path and move forward... it is so good !

  • I don't know what you look like Floss but my image of you doing a Sumo squat with calf raise made me laugh loudly.

  • Me too... I think I look hilarious... I am just so delighted I can do these things... :)

  • I very much admire you being able to do them.

  • I admire me too!!!! I am really surprised!!!:)

  • Oh, I'd definately get that novel too, Oldfloss! That all sounds like a very involved plan - well done on today's run. And, I have also tried a few of those sumo calf raises and am going to include them in my strength workouts (which I have been a bit slack with just lately if I'm honest)! Beautiful picture too!☺

  • It was a glorious day.. that is at the top of one of the big fields where I run...

    I need to get back down to writing properly... it makes me sit down, thanks!

  • Yes! Get on with it - we're all waiting!🙂😉

  • I woke last night with ideas...and had to get up and jot them down... some of the ideas were a bit Jilly Copper raunchy though !!!!

  • Well done Oldfloss. I am amused by the vision of you painting on the move!

    Could you tell me please what the 10k plan is that you are following? I may be interested in doing it myself. I am trying to build up my time and distance from 5k in 36 minutes, so have some way to go!

    Love reading your posts!

  • Thanks.... I have a hard job sitting still for long! I have to be doing things, even leisure things. crafting, card-making, cooking.. !

    The plan I am following is for someone who has done 10Ks before... You graduated not too long ago??? You need to continue to take it steadily, whilst moving forward.:)

    So, it is a good idea to consolidate your thirty minute runs first.. then maybe have you used the C25k+ podcasts? Both the Stamina and the Speed ones are very useful indeed and many of us used them and still do :) Building up stamina slowly is, I feel pretty essential to building up speed and distance:) The Stepping Stone on, folk either like or loathe.. it is just... different :)

    My plan is from Women's Running and the exercises I am doing are ones I have researched....

    Here is a link to a 5K training plan article from WR mag.... :) Maybe make a start with the C25k+ podcasts and then take a look :)


    Hope this is helpful and look forward to hearing about your progress :)

  • Thanks very much Oldfloss for the info. I have done the speed podcast which didn't seem long enough , and today nearly did the stamina podcast, although my legs gave in before the last 5 minutes sprint! Still it was faster than I have run before, at 9 k/ hr for 20 minutes. My kegs don't feel to have much strength in them, but I will be back and try again. Not done stepping stones yet but will do it. I do spinning on non run days.

    When I am more competent at c25k+ I will try the link you sent.

    Thanks again and happy doing whatever it is you are up to! X

  • That sounds like a great plan!

  • You did well! Last week's 5k trail run took me 48 mins! I'm beginning to understand how much difference the terrain makes. Love your picture and good to hear you're enjoying the plan. I think it counts as rest if you're just not using the muscles you'd normally use for running. So maybe gardening counts as rest :)

  • Ah but your trail would be much harder than my grassy uphills, even though they are longish, they are not overly steep.. ( I have been reading up on what is classed as hill for runners..it got confusing)!

    I have trouble sitting still... always have had... so I figure the different muscles argument counts too :)

  • Oldfloss I love your spirit and just burst out laughing in the waiting room when I read the bit about the running themed, murder mystery novel!( the one that is going to make us very, very wealthy), is it too early to ask which actress you have in mind to play your good self, I'm presuming that you feature in this drama! Lol 😂xx

  • Yep..it is going to be a best-seller..block buster film too😉 I think I could be me..I used to do a fair bit of acting...and with a makeover could maybe look passable😄

  • Please please please - after all the stick 'ol Simmypie has given me (but sure looking forward to when he rejoins us :) - if there is an international assassin in your novel ( can I preorder it now? ) Can you name him Simmypie ? 😋

  • PS You may not be "very very wealthy" right now before publishing. However we all are sure enriched by your presence here :)

  • I always was a sucker for a smooth talker !

  • Funny how Sade came out with that Operator song shortly after I chatted to her....;)

  • What are you like , John!!!??? Made me laugh!!!

  • He is... so funny!

  • Being funny isn't all it's cracked up to be by the fairer sex.

    I asked a lady back home what she liked in men

    " I like a man who is funny and who surprises me with flowers" She replied.

    Somehow though it didn't really change her mind about me when I climbed through her window dressed in a clown outfit at 4am holding a bunch of Tulips.....🤔

  • :) I wonder why ??? xx

  • :)

  • For you.. of course :)

  • Autographed also please :)

  • Wow! So much to do to keep you busy! You are an inspirational lady!😊and so organised too!

    I will have a look at that plan in the mag! 😆

  • It is fun Ali.... it is in the May edition.. the one with your pikkie :)

  • Go you!

    I spotted a really fit looking 'proper' runner running intervals up a slope a few weeks ago. Bearing in mind the hills round here I had to assume he was having an easy run day 😆

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