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Long intervals, longer run.... another Milestone

So, Week 1 Run 2, another interval session, this time effectively 2x1mile (1.6km) intervals at 6:48 pace, with 10 mins warmup and cooldown at 8:00 and a minute at 8:00 recovery. Having done the first (shorter interval) run fairly comfortably, I thought I'd be OK with this - I was, but it was harder than I thought. This might be partly because while on Tuesday I went along the canal, this time I was on the roads and going up and down more - no choice though as it was 9pm before I turned out!

I still can't get myself into going at 8:00 though, I had to make a conscious effort to get down to 7:30... the longer intervals were both within time, and with the cooldown as well I discovered that I had actually managed to run just over 6K, non-stop, in a little under 43 minutes.

Just a 5K at the weekend, and I'm going to do a Parkrun on Saturday - prob post on the Couch to 5K board for that.... it's probably more psychological, but I'm already thinking in terms of "I'll just whack out a 5K" rather than something to celebrate doing non-stop - which is something else that tells me I was ready to move up to this!

Right, on the agenda for today is Strength and Flex, and think a little about diet - I'm not going to make radical changes, but I suspect increasing the protein part of it would be a good move, so a bit of meal planning is probably in order....

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Running non-stop isn't a must. I generally stop to get my breath back.,it doesn't slow you down in the end as you have got more puff and can push on Try it 🙂🏃

Always think about your fuel. About healthy meals and snacks 😛

Enjoy your Parkrun


It sounds like you're going through a test patch trying a few things to see how they work out. :)

Hope you have a good parkrun, and hope you can get out early enough to get back on the canals again soon. I love running by water, you can just keep going for miles and miles, and importantly there's no roads to cross :)


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