First runniversary

It is exactly a year since I first puffed my way around my local park on my first C25K run!

I "celebrated", if that's the right word, with a long run on what I am calling my "Golden Triangle" route - up the Limehouse Cut to Three Mills, along the River Lea, then west along the Hertford Canal, and down the Regent's Canal to Limehouse Marina. With a final detour to Canary Wharf, that made 12.68 km in all.

I hadn't been out for over a week, but even so I was finding it more of a slog than usual - my breathing was atrocious and my muscles ached. Still, it was bearable when I thought of where I'd been this time last year!

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  • Happy runniversary Katie! That's brilliant mileage and sounds a fab run. You've so much to look at it must make the run really interesting.

  • Thanks! I deliberately run by the river or by the canals as I feel the water gives me energy. (That's probably a load of old woo but it keeps me motivated!) I just missed the horrible hailstorm this afternoon, and by the time I got out there the sun was out and the water was beautiful.

  • Happy runniversary. It's a pity that today couldn't be one of those easy, effortless lollops but as you say the comparison with just a year ago is a nice one to think about.

  • Thanks Dunder - my legs are really aching now but I just tell myself the next one will be easier!

  • 0oooh an effortless lollop sounds glorious!

    Well done Katie! Happy Runniversary. The next one WILL be easier.

  • Happy Runiversary :)

  • Hi Katie, glad I am not alone in the odd hard slog! That sounds like a great run to celebrate your one year runniversary! It's amazing the progress we can make if we just keep on getting out there isn't it? πŸ™‚

  • Happy runniversary! What a way you've come in a year - fantastic! :)

  • Happy runniversary Katie! And what a great way to celebrate :)

  • Happy runniversary! Well done you. You might have thought it was a slog today but a year ago you would not have believed it was even possible to run so far! Congratulations. x

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