Eating healthier to improve running?

Eating healthier to improve running?

I have changed so much in a year. From a crisp crunching, cookie munching, bread scoffer to someone who chooses healthy options (1) to lose weight - 2 stone 6 lbs down (2) to make running even better and keep healthy. I ignored a plate of shortbread biscuits at church tonight and decided instead (on my running rest day) to come home and do some step aerobics (thanks Jenny Ford) and have a bowl of bran flakes! What has changed for you since you started running?

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  • I'm so impressed Joolie. Well done. I could so do with losing a stone to improve my running but can't bear the thought of having to count calories :-(

  • It is a tedious thing but the only way I have found to lose weight. I stopped counting and trusted my guessing and put on a stone again when I was running!

  • I googled Jenny Ford, have just done a lovely stretch and flex session!

  • She is great (and not a thin stick woman) plus it is a great way to strengthen and flex the legs on running rest days. I also do Leslie Sansom who does indoor walking programmes, she does work the upper body too

  • I poo more regularly!πŸ˜‚

  • You don't need to count calories πŸ™‚

    Well done Jools! I bet you feel so much better now 😊

    I gained a taste for peanut butter 😁

  • I am 53 years old and my weight has always been a problem, I was chubby as a child, thinned out as a teenager and since then my weight has increased year on year. I have lost 2 stone 6 lbs by calorie counting, stop calorie counting, it goes on again no matter how much exercise I take. Maybe other people can rely on guesswork and self control but for me, I know I must track everything if I want to get to my goal weight. Just want to lose another 12 lbs to be 10 stone. It will help me to run better, feel better in my clothes and benefit my health - I have my mind totally set on my own goal and I know what I need to do to reach it

  • If I weigh myself after a poo, I usually get a good result!

  • When I did Weight watchers years ago, there was always a queue for the loo just before weigh in!

  • Since I started running??? The most significant thing is that I have developed a habit of running 4 days per week - and I have started mixing with a completely different group of people. And also, at some time over the last 3 years, the Martian body-snatchers came into my house one night and stole my body and have given me this one!! I think they have also done something to my brain as well.

    healthy eating wise ?? - nothing to do with running really but I recently received strong physical evidence that despite my running and general improved physical fitness and loss of some weight , I have some significant hardening of my heart arteries and which has forced me to improve my diet greatly and start taking statin drugs.

    I can also run faster than 4 minutes per klm now -- but not for very long!! :)

  • Well done, Joolie - that's phenomenal weight loss and self-discipline. Running has changed a lot of things for me, including my weight and my attitude to food. It has also had a knock-on effect on the family in terms of diet (much healthier) and has triggered the running bug in son number two, making him fitter in all terms of the word and making his rugby playing much better than it was before as he has already mastered the running and can concentrate on his technique. But the biggest benefit for me has been for combating anxiety, stress and the onset of what I had self- diagnosed as depression.

  • Same here. My taste has changed dramatically. My body now seems to crave energy rich foods rather than sugary ones. Food that will keep me going for longer. Biscuits, cakes etc I now find easy to avoid. Though I've started having a single square of 80% + chocolate most evenings. It does the job and it's all I need for the day. Something to look forward to.

  • You've done great and already come a long way. The remaining weight will come off as well, and the good news is that with your new lifestyle it's not a yo-yo thing but will stay off!

  • I like a square of dark chocolate now and again. I usually grate it over fruit and yog

    Eat healthy, ditch junk, keep running and you'll be fine.

    It always annoys me when at the end of a race there is a burger van ☹️ On the other hand I am thrilled by the sight of the cake table πŸ˜‹

    Hopefully runners will want to change poor eating habits as they run longer and start racing. Racing is such fun. Who knew? 😁

  • I went from obese to healthy BMI... very gently, because, like C25K I don't actually want to have to do it again. Like you, calorie awareness, and keeping an eye on the scales has been absolutely key. I have a routine now that makes it no more onerous than cleaning my teeth or having a wash.

    I have once before had to lose weight when I really was not able to increase activity levels and it took the same period of time but a lot more concentration. (And it went back on when I didn't have bathroom scales...) I have zero interest in 'dieting' as a hobby. I really find the running makes a difference and it won't be calories burned per se (a typical run is 200) or reduced appetite but some metabolic impact.

  • Well...I rather like wearing lycra leggings!! ;)

  • 7 months before starting C25K I was diagnosed with breast cancer and ended up having a mastectomy with only 3 hours notice! This totally knocked me for 6 and despite having reconstruction I really hated my body and felt as if I had I had no control over what was done. Since starting running I have gained a lot more confidence in my body, and feel more in control of it. And I'm determined that by keeping fit and healthy the dreaded C is less likely to return.

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