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What does everything like to run to? I have a running playlist with upbeat music but when I set my phone this week to start my map my run app, on my very first early morning run, for some reason the music changed to my full music collection in alpha order. Setting off to an Enrique Iglesias ballad was not the best 😏. Just as I got to the hill I usually avoid (well a slight incline if you're walking but a hill if you're running 🏃) the track playing was Mumford and Sons with the line....'go up that hill and see...' so I did and you know it was ok 😀

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  • I think everyone should have kenny loggins Footloose😃

  • Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run does it for me :-)

  • Extreme Noise Terror, Nana Mouskouri and Sunn O)))

  • Forget BPM just listen to your favourite music. Nothing better than a bit of Sufi mystic chanting on a long slow run.

    Gimme Shelter by the Stones has to be the best running song ever.

  • Brilliant! I love a drop of STones! I really like Undercover of the night. Another good one to run to!

  • Totally agree. Any tune that puts me in a good mood is great for running.

  • I listen to the blues brothers. They always make me feel good and positive

  • I've done that before just put my ipod on random and at one point a Bats for Lashes song was playing "keep on running, keep on running" - I would have never chosen that as running music at all but it totally worked. I swear by the Stone Roses best of, there's nothing like a slowly crescendo-ing intro to get your mind 'in the zone'. I'm also obsessed with the War on Drugs album "Lost in the dream" - on repeat - love it :)

  • i did a spotify playlist "Kim Runs", largely as my normal musical taste isnt really suitable for running

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