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As an "old lady", yes I know I am only 53 but I am enjoying getting older now I am more fit and active than I was in my twenties! For my birthday I received a head torch and it is amazing, I get up early just to use it in the dark! At 5.30 am this morning, tested it on some dark streets and it is amazing, I can scan the surfaces on the path and spot raised paving slabs or bumps and even see the kerbs as I skip over roads! In a dark area in the park, I was able to scan the area to make sure there weren't any weirdos skulking around - no one else, just this old weirdo!

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  • Happy Belated Birthday Julie !

    Which one did you get please ? Would be interested to know :-) xxx

  • Aennon LED Handlamp which cost twenty quid from Amazon. Recharged using USB or Apple plug. Battery lasts up to 30 hrs. Sturdy and great visibility

  • Brilliant, thanks Julie, I'm always on the look out for good ideas :-) xxx

  • Cor! 5.30am! You are amazingly motivated! Good on you Jools!😀

    I'm glad you can see properly when out in the dark.A friend if mine went out without a head torch, and running downhill she tripped over a surface tree root and banged her face badly just above the top lip, I suppose she's lucky she didn't break her nose! Anyway, I ticked her off for not wearing a headlamp, now she wears one!😊

    As for old weirdo's, who's that? I can only think of one person! Who will no doubt comment lovely friend!😁 just joshing!...😋

  • Hmmmm.. I am not sure.. ??? :)

  • I know, I was impressed LOL! Got a bit of a wonky knee now so going to rest for 3 days, serves me right for being a show off LOL

  • Go you.... !

    Hmm....what would happen if you scanned the area and there were weirdos...? Yes, you could shine the light into their eyes and race off at speed... it sounds really exciting your run... maybe I will get out a little earlier and have a try...:)

  • I think shining the main beam in their squinty eyes would do the trick. Alternatively, I would need to sprint away!

  • ... and you would run like the wind..whilst they crashed into trees! :)

  • I find the worst trip hazards are those retractable dog leads and owners who aren't paying attention. They've nearly got me a couple of times whereas a raised manhole cover only attacked me once!

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