Bridge to 10K

A trail run to look forward to...😀

Just booked a place on a 10K trail run set in the grounds of a local National Trust property, at the end of September. A small affair in comparison to the Great South Run, but very much the kind of thing I am keen to try and do more of over the autumn and winter...sadly this may mean buying new trail shoes (in addition to the new road shoes I have just ordered!) as I have gone through the toe of my current ones! Shame!😉

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It just has to be done Sandra, you've just got to bite the bullet and get them! 😉


Well done Flying Sandra !

Which one are you doing ? :-) xxx

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Hatchlands Park near Guildford.x


thats good Sandra! just the thing ! :) oh dear what a shame having to get new shoes! :)


Trail shoes! A must for slippery, slidey, muddy, wintry offroading 😊


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