Flying shoes

Since getting new shoes at the end of June I've been running PBs all over the place. Still not fast in comparison to most of you lot, but seeing sudden, big improvements. Having shaved about 40 secs of my 5k PB over the last 10 days I went out again today and my pixie dust shoes worked their magic again. I knocked over 50 secs off again and came in at 32:34! That is a big jump. I suppose the pixie dust will wear off soon and the gremlins will wake up, but I'll enjoy it while it lasts. Ultimate goal is the elusive 30 mins, but I don't know if that's realistic for these old bones.

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  • Reolisistic or not...

    You are only a little off!!! I think you underestimate your capabilities? WTG JSEE and long may the pixie dust blow..

    Joking apart... great work! :)

  • I think sparky66's right- it's you doing the running and smashing the PBs- the shoes merely help cushion you- you're doing all the hard work - great stuff :)

  • So what are they??????????????

  • Asics Gel-nimbus. There's a picture on here somewhere. Full of pixie-dust they are!

  • I've got them too, and yes, I did get quicker when I first got them. Definitely come with added pixie dust :)

  • That's an awfully big improvement! A big congratulations to you 👏 You should contact the marketing department and tell them about your wins and maybe they'd use you in their next ad!

  • Wow, clearly the shoes are working.... And so are you!! Huge well done :)

  • Keep going, I am sure you will get there! That's really good progress jayseeskinny.🙂 I am due a new pair of shoes any time soon - hope I get some magic ones too!😉

  • I had a patch of big leaps in speed, distance etc recently too. Enjoy - it feels amazing doesn't it, hopefully more exciting news to come :)

  • It does feel very good. All the hard work slowly paying off. I like patches like this. Glad to hear you're in good form at the moment too!

  • Slowly getting back to it :)

  • Fantastic! I agree with everyone else, though, it's you doing the work, not the shoes! Well done :)

  • No, no AncientMum just confirmed it! Definitely pixie dust. I could of course go out in my old shoes and do a test!

  • Haha I did that too 😄😄😄

  • Go you.. flying fairy feet...those gremlins will not see you for your pixie- dust! :)

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