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Progress report and pic of exciting new Asics purchase today!

Progress report and pic of exciting new Asics purchase today!

Hi everyone!

I decided with a heavy heart not to parkrun today, in order that I had fresh legs for a visit to my local running shop. I spent an hour in there talking to the shopowner about my gait and current aches I keep getting, he said that he didn't think my current trainers (Saucony Guide 8s) were supportive enough for my overpronation (neither did my physio... nor me...!). Was so great to talk to him as he just had a wealth of knowledge. So I now have a pair of...

...Asics Gel Kayano 22s! He gave me a nice discount too. Awesome man. Support your local independent running stores peeps!

I can't WAIT to try them out, probably tomorrow morning. Feeling enthused once more.

In terms of 10K progress (working my way up to Race for Life 10K in July), I'm up to 7K now, will try something between 7.5-8K next week. I do also feel like my running form is actually better when I run faster (eg. sprint finish at parkrun) and this is something I spoke to the shopowner about and he agreed. And when I say faster, I mean the 6:00/km mark, so still not exactly lightning pace! So I'm thinking about interval training again with the Speed+ podcast at around that pace.

All exciting stuff. Happy running all xx

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Hi Sarah, did you not have gait analysis done for the saucony's? If you did and they were recommended by the store then surely they should be replaced with the correct type, as clearly you have been mislead by them into buying some that are incorrect for you.. Hope the new shoe's work for you..😊


Hi Dave, thanks, me too! I see what you're saying about the old shoes, I did have gait analysis done, however it was more of a gradual realisation for me that they weren't really helping. And since it's been almost a year now since I bought the Sauconys, I don't feel I can realistically go back to the previous shop now. But I think you are right. The store owner today said he feels a lot of running shops (particularly the chain/franchised ones) use the terminology "gait analysis" as a bit of a gimmick - they film you for 2 minutes and this lulls you into a false sense of security and then sell you something depending on what they have in stock which may or may not be relevant. To be fair to them I thought they did an alright job at the time and I didn't really know what I wanted or what my problems might be. I think real gait analysis is something that takes longer and watches your running over a longer period of time. My Sauconys served me well through C25K and for a couple of months after, it wasn't until after that that I started getting aches and questioning them as not really helping with my gait at all.

Anyway, onwards and upwards! At least the guy today told me to get in touch if these ones don't help - or otherwise to let him know when I meet his target to run a sub-30 minute 5K before July! :)

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you should name and shame that shop that gave you great customer service! I got a feeling my local running shop (sweatshop which is owned part owned by the evil sportsdirect) just try and sell you what ever they have. Need to a find a good independent shop with a good range of shoes in my local area.

oh and nice shoes!


I got superb service from a young lady on a busy Saturday at my local Sweatshop, I was very impressed. When I went back another time I was served by a young man who clearly couldn't give a toss - luck of the draw I guess.


Maybe i just dont have a great one near me.


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