"If only I could...be running up that hill...with no problem"!🎵

Sorry, I do love a bit of Kate Bush and that song was so apt on my run today as I twice tackled a hill, which at weekends, is part of my local Parkrun course (I ran at a less challenging course on Saturday!) So lucky to be able to run over to the course but goodness me that hill is a toughie! I managed it slowly and steadily the first time and then after the glorious descent and a run on the flat I attempted it for a second time. 😮Sadly, I had to give in to my screaming quads just before I reached the brow of the hill! Never mind, another time that hill will be mine! Must get a photo to share too, as it is as beautiful as it is impressive!

Happy running t his week to everyone😀


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7 Replies

  • Well done Sandra!sounds a hard one! Great practice for that parkrun tho!

    We have hills tom eve at run club the email of the route said"remember-hills are your friends!"

    We shall see! 😕😊

  • Thanks, I will remember that next time.."hills are my friends" !😮

  • Flying Sandra ! Massive respect and a couple of fist pumps thrown in for good measure ! :-)

    I like hills , I started running up 'em a while back but then that kicked off the pain in my calf and to my shame , I haven't tackled one since ! I need to build up my legs a bit more I think before I give them another good go !

    I love the tags on your post , very apt ! :-D xxx

  • I know what you mean poppy - I like them too but treat them with great respect (ie very slowly )☺

  • We will conquere the hills Sandra...😊

  • Thanks Dave, another mantra - "I will conquer "!☺

  • Reminds me of the Iron Maiden song, Run to the Hills

    "Run to the hills... run for your lives"

    Quite apt really. I should put it on one of my running playlists!

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