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Wrist HR monitor with loud BEEP??

There are many running watches with integrated HR monitor - but I am looking for one which can be programmed to go "Beep" when I exceed a certain number ( most of them I guess?) - but also the "beep" MUST be LOUD!!!! -- at least loud enough to hear while running, not just when buying it in the shop :) I have many quite a few reviews of watches - but none mention this aspect.

Thanks for any ideas.

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I have a Garmin 225 and it buzzes if you set the HR at certain numbers... It's v accurate too considering its on the wrist...

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And it's better than a beep as it vibrates so you won't miss it :)


Well how loud are you when running? Do you shout a lot then? My Garmin forerunner 210 bleeps loud enough for me when running, to tell me if I'm under or over my set min or max hr😀


2nd the garmin forerunner 225


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