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Should go out... but I ache!

After a particularly sadistic kettlebells class yesterday, my core, thighs and shoulders ache so much! I really should be going out for a run tonight, but not sure I can face it - even a short 3k plod let alone the planned 5k. Any opinions on whether it's likely to help the soreness or make it worse?

Hot bath later either way I think.

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hi there my friend the only person who can make the choice is you and you a lone take care whatever you got with Alan


Who knows? It might give you that boost so you come back with a grin on your face. Or it might be a real struggle. As Alan said only you know. And you do, your body is telling you what it wants, you just have to listen!


Did you run? I am thinking about going to a kettlebells class next week - hope I will be able to move after it!


I wimped out last night, then regretted it all day today as the aches were even worse! Just been out tonight and made it round my usual 5k loop despite feeling like I had concrete boots on.

The kettlebells class is really fun and everyone says it's very good for core strength etc so I'd recommend it - but maybe plan on a hot bath straight afterwards (even if you don't think you need one at the time!) and a foam roller session or two!


Well done for getting out today :0) - I will let you know how it goes next week!


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