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Tending to the tendons.. and some running discount rewards to recommend

Had almost 2 weeks off after running my first 9k due to an overtraining injury to the back of my heel- either a bit of insertional achilles tendinitis or plantar fasciitis or a combination. Been doing some vigorous physio of calf raises, rolling out my soles and calves, and various other tendon stretches, plus a lot of yoga! Yesterday I felt no pain on walking anywhere, but still a little discomfort, and today I can finally say my 20 min walk home felt absolutely normal. Still, been very frustrated to be out of the running routine. Still considering myself a beginner runner I feel whenever I have time off there's a risk I won't get back into it!

I have a group run on monday but depending on how I feel I may just do a gentle solo run to test my post-injury limits in a safe way (without feeling like I should run any faster/further than I feel comfortable with) as I'm aware tendons (as avascular structures) take a little longer to heal. Definitely will stop if I feel any pain and will have a few days pain free before I try running- it may take up to 48 hours to feel any damage I've done post-run.

In other news that may interest the discount hunters out there, I have discovered a company called Running Heroes which you can link up to your garmin/runkeeper/mapmyrun and earn points to give you discounts on some good running brands! I'm not convinced many of the rewards aren't just ones you could find if you did a quick google (ie. Uber, Pact, Gousta 'first use' deals that are everywhere)- but they also run challenges to win prizes that look great.

Here's the link for those interested.. I get some sneaky point for recommending it, but you are free to sign up without my code:

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