1st half marathon!

1st half marathon!

Well i did it, i completed my very first half marathon. I was so nervous but once we got into our pace it was fine. My sister travelled down from scotland to take part in the Essar 4 Villages half that started in Helsby, Cheshire and took in 3 other villages. It was so special to do it with my sister as we live so far apart and we managed it in 2 hours 43 which we were quite pleased with. I used gels for the first time and found them ok, i didn't feel sick or anything which was worrying me and yoh can feel them work, they take about 20 mins to kick in though. We hit quite a bad wall at about mile 9 and then went past a small croud of supporters (the support along the course was great) and there was a little boy with a tub of jelly sweets, we grabbed a handful each and away we went with a second wind! The finish line was suddenly there around one last corner and we had done it, the sense of achievement i felt far far outweighed those nasty gremlins at mile 1 & 2 that tried to tell me i couldn't do it. I could and i did! Picture shows my sister cross the finish line just ahead of me.

Im so glad that just on a year ago i downloaded a ittle program onto my phone called couch 2 5 K 😀😉

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  • Fantastic! Congratulations!!!

  • Thank you ☺

  • Wow, congratulations!!!

  • Thanks ☺

  • Congratulations. Brilliant achievement ☺☺☺☺☺

  • Thanks so much ☺

  • Well done jules and your sister too! sounds like a lovely event well done on acheiving your 1st HM!😊

  • Aw thanks ali 😊

  • That's just amazing. I am totally inspired x

  • Thanks! This program is fantastic! ☺

  • Absolutely amazing !!! Many Congratulations Jules and Sis on your fantastic achievement ! Just shows you where this programme can take you !

    Well done ! Xxx

  • Aw thanks poppy it was so very special ☺

  • Oh, congratulations! That is absolutely fantastic and it must have been so special doing it with your sister😀. I am just hitting 10k in my runs and cannot yet entertain the idea of running a HM, so I bow down in admiration👍😀👍

  • Thanks sandra you will get there if thats what you want believe me 😊

  • Awesome !!!

  • Wow! Well done, that's a fantastic race report. That boy must have looked like an angel with the sweets :)

  • Thanks! He was we were so grateful 😀

  • Oh FANTASTIC Jules, very very well done indeed!! What a great achievement and how lovely to share it with your sister. Congratulations 🏆

  • Thanks! ☺

  • Well done. I am so very pleased for you. Great time and lovely picture.

  • That's great to hear. Well done. Those people that hand out jelly babies about half way round are great, aren't they? (though I'm not so sure about the pub that had a table with pints of best bitter lined up for any thirsty takers...)

  • Haha no was hard enough trying to drink the orange stuff out of a plastic cup whilst jogging...Most of it went down my front!!

  • Very well done from one Jules to another xxx

    I have my first half on 13th March x

  • Thanks jules! And good luck, you'll love it! Enjoy ☺

  • Fanblimintastic !!!! Great going girl xx

  • A half marathon? That's amazing..very well done to both of you.

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