Confidence knockers and bouncing back

Confidence knockers and bouncing back

Had a mixed week but things are back on track. (1) signed up for and started a half marathon plan that was not working, legs sore - mostly due to starting tempo run that I did way too fast 😣 (2) a "personal trainer" who comes to my toddler group felt telling me running wrecks ur knees and runners are addicted made me question if I was doing the right thing. Am I doing the right thing to want to progress to a half marathon in September or kidding myself? Will I end up with replacement knees and proving people right?

Decided to drop the programme and continue with my own plan - 2 X 5k (one slow, one tempo) and 1 X long run starting with 10k on Friday (at a long run pace)! Remembered what I was like before I started running. - very unfit and low confidence and probably heading for major health issues. 27 lbs heavier and completely changed my diet.

Realised Personal Trainers need to be seen as the experts so they get clients, don't want to encourage independent exercise or running - because I run in the woods and fields and that doesn't pay their wages!

Loved my long run at a slower pace (just under 8 min per km) and felt I could have kept going. Proof my sturdy toffee legs are going to be ok because I am being careful - by today, they r great and looking forward to running tomorrow. I feel a half marathon is happening!

Do u ever have weeks when you doubt you are doing the right thing! Julie 😀

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  • Excellent, Julie! All makes a lot of sense to me. Running does not wreck anything unless you do it wrong, i.e. too much, too fast, too soon for where you are at. Listen to your body and use your own common sense - which is exactly what you are doing. If your half isn't until September you can take it very slowly anyway and build up stamina and strength over the next few months before doing specific prep over the summer.

    Enjoy it all!

  • Sorry that your confidence was knocked, but it sounds as if you have now found the right way forward for you. I'm 50 and am now running further than I have ever run in my life and feel great for it! Certainly my knees have got better since the beginning of C25k not worse! I think your personal trainer friend needs to check her facts because I am pretty sure that research no longer supports the view that running ruins knees! Quite the opposite in many cases I believe. I have found that the best way forward for me was to look at plans and information, learn about my body but most importantly , listen to my body and adjust my plans accordingly! I think a lot of injuries occur when we push ourselves too hard too soon, especially with pace.

    Having completed C25k in October last year, my plans for this year don't involve anything much further than 10ks I'm afraid but I hope to improve my ability off road on the trails that I love. I have a flat riverside 10k in March, a 10k trail in May and am eyeing up a more challenging 10k cross country trail run in October (need to work on hills!).

    I think if you just take your time and 'go with the flow' everything will come together and be just fine😀. Good luck.

  • I am afraid I have to agree with the "personal trainer": runners are addicted :-)

    Go, Julie, go, slowly and with patience, your goal will be achieved and you will feel great!

  • True,mi love running and especially stretching my distance so I can run for longer. I have reduced my speed a little so I can extend my distance and take my time to prepare for the HM in September. I am addicted to running but that is better than many other addictions out there

  • I can remember my brother telling me and my Mum that running is boring and wrecks your knees. We ignored him but obviously seeing us do well got the competitive testosterone flowing in him as he's since done a half marathon and is signed up for two more!

    You stay true to yourself and stick at what feels good and right for you ☺

  • Running several marathons in a short time scale is likely to have a detrimental effect on your body, and not just your knees, but by listening to your body and being "sensible" about your running, as you are, then you will be doing yourself more good than harm.

    No doubt your personal trainer acqaintance would like you to sign up with her for advice, but her rather outdated opinions make it sound as if she would not be a good bet.

    Stick with it Joolie, you are making all the right decisions and with that brilliant weight loss, you have proved that it is all working.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I was a bit worried about my knees and hips from the start, 'cos they would ache after a long day's walking. After a year running I can now say they are far better than they had been for years. They hurt quite a bit today but that's because I did 19K yesterday, and everything below the waist hurts.

    Keep doing what feels good, and build up slowly. A HM is tough but doable.

  • hey joolie think you are doing exactly the right thing..human beings are designed to move not to sit down all day thats when we have problems due to inactive lifestyles which means people put weight on which puts more strain on their knees and hips etc so ignore the personal trainer and carry on doing what you are doing...and remember this proverb I heard many years ago.." We dont stop running cos we get old...we get old cos we stop running"!!


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