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When should memography be started... If someone is havin family history of breast cancer.

Both my parents died because of cancer.. My dad was suffering from cancer gall bladder.. & my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer stage3 but no metastastais when she was 42 .. She underwent chemotherapy six before breast removal surgery n six immediate after that.. Then radiation .. After that she was given hormonal therapy letrazole .... She was fine for seven years n after that there were relapses n ct confirmed metastatic cancer in liver n bones with receptors triple negative ... After that again chemotherapis n radiations were given .. She then managed to survive for an year.... I am 30 years old n expecting my first. Child in July 2013 . I want to know what are the precautions i need to take after babybirh ... And from when I should start going for memographyyyyy ..... Since I am at high risk of gettin breast cancer because of my family history..

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Triple Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) occuring in a young lady has about 10% chance of carrying a familial tendency (There are other factors to be considered, so I would not stress on that 10% figure).

According to standard guidelines, you must start screening for breast cancer about 5 years earlier, than the age at which your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.

The screening will include three things:

Breast Awareness

Clinical Breast Examination


Details can be found here, I suggest you read this entire page:


Also, I have one more advice. There is a tendency for many women to do mammography on their own. Do NOT do mammography on your own discretion, first visit a doctor who is well versed in breast diseases, and only on the doctor's advice, do a mammography. For normal women, we do not advise 'screening' mammography below 40 years of age. Since, in your case (your mother had a TNBC at a young age), we may plan to start a screening mammography earlier, let your doctor decide how to go about it (Mammography / sonography / MRI etc.)

And do not let thoughts of cancer worry you. I appreciate, you are a very alert lady, from all that you have written above. So just be alert, listen to your body, that is all that is required. There are no specific precautions you need to take after baby birth.

I have one question for you. Was your mother's cancer not Triple Negative to begin with? (Since she was given Letrozole, I assume, it must have been ER positive). Did it migrate to become Triple Negative later, when she got it back?

Let us know if you have any more questions.


1028 you are a brave lady! Don't have any negative thoughts but as advised by doctor be alert. I know being a breast cancer survivorvfinished radiation last month it is easier said than done. We pray for a healthy baby for you in July!


clinical examination is most important and should be once in 6 months by a surgical oncologist

mammogram not until 45 esp in our country

sonogram recommended only if a lump is found


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