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Treatment for invasive lobular breast cancer


I am on femara 2.5mg daily for 5 years as of now. No chemotherapy given as oncotype dx score was 9. Right mastectomy done. No radiation given as no lymph nodes were involved and margins after surgery were clear of tumour infiltration. Do I need any other treatment? What about immunotherapy n CDK4/6 inhibitor? When should I get dexa scan done n how often? I am 54 years old.

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Treatment is fine, Femara is correct.

As for immunotherapy, I am a Surgical Oncologist; I don’t give chemo or Immuno or other things and I wouldn’t be able to comment on that. Chemo or immunotherapy is given by Medical Oncologists. Ask your doc. He will be able to guide better.

Thanks sir am obliged

sumeet_shahAdministrator in reply to Googleanu15

I tell you, just ignore the Immuno and all other therapies. Your report is very good. Get cancer out of the mind and focus on your life and enjoy it.

Thanks a lot sir your reassurance means a lot... Thank you once again 🙏


Agree with Dr Sumeet.

You have a Good Prognosis Breast Cancer.

No Chemo / RT / Immunotherapy / Targeted Therapy needed.

Just focus on Letrozole and get cancer out of your mind. You are Breast Cancer survivor and doing well.

DEXA Scan: We usually do a Baseline DEXA scan prior to initiating Letrozole and then based on how good or how bad the DEXA scan is: It may be repeated 2-3 years to see how well / how worse we re doing and Bone Health Care Supportive Treatment initiated under the care of your Experienced Medical Oncologist.

All the Best Anu15

Thanks a lot sir for taking out time to reply to my queries. Thanks 🙏

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