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Need information regarding pertuzumab drug. Can we buy it directly from the roche company or any source? Can it be claimed under insurance.

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Hi All,

Can anyone please let me know that if i can pertuzumab drug directly from the roche company or any other source which is acceptable by hospital and would cost less.

Also i wanted to know on if we can claim it under medical insurance and what are the documents we need for claim.

Also is there any alternative to pertuzumab injection?


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pertuzumab is not covered any medical insurance company

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Thanks for your reply. If its given along with chemotherapy would it be included in the medical claim then?

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deep2107 in reply to Anyonymous

yes if it given with chemo you can claim it

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Allright and after that is there any way we can claim it without chemotherapy?

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no without hospitalisation 24 hours you can not claim . we have same problem for palbociclib so we are admitting my wife for zoladex which costs me 20000 bit with that i can claim total 101000/- total expense

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Anyonymous in reply to Deepak1965

Allright thank you for the information. So we can claim it but we need to ensure that we have a day of hospitalisation along with the other drug to claim it under medical claim.

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Roche India has various distributors through out India. Hospitals may or may not accept it buying from them, but due to it's high cost, You can request your consulting for that.

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Anyonymous in reply to Band123

Allright thank you so much for the information.

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