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BreastCancerIndia website updated. Need your feedback

Today, I finally found some time and updated the index page of our website (http://www.breastcancerindia.net

You see, I do not know much of web designing, and just dabble around a bit here and a bit there. So I will be very happy to receive your feedback on where can we improve the site more.

When you have time, could you just see the index page and comment on any of the following:

1. Aesthetic appeal - Does it look nice or is it too harsh to the eyes

2. Selection of fonts, size and line distance (you can ignore this, if you do not know much about fonts)

3. Any change of colour suggested

4. Are there too many images, or it looks fine

5. Is it user friendly? - Is it too difficult to move around?

6. Is the message clear?

I have updated only the index page. So just see the index page. Don't bother about other links. Also, to be honest, since I am not a professional at designing, I can just about expect the page to be average, nothing more. But as long as people find it easy to use and look around, it does not matter

Feel free to tell. Even if you feel something or some design is looking bad, please do tell me. I appreciate criticisms. They help me grow.

BTW, there is something wrong with posting a post here at HU. I cant remove that 'awareness' image above. Anyways, ignore the Awareness image

Thanks a lot


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Hello sir

You are also a web designer , nice to know that. Your dedication for breast cancer awareness is very much motivational for me.

My feedback;

1. Very nice idea and designs of website.But its about women cancer so it should also have some feminine theme like some picture representing a woman or pink ribbon or else.

2. I don't know how correct I am, font size of headings is good but for the rest of matter,I just thought of elder people ,they may find difficulty with it, I also compared fonts of FB and healtunlocked site), so either larger font size or font style can make it to look more easy.I find there is much spaces on both the margins so it can be filled by some images or larger fonts.

Best wishes



Thanks for your feedback, rana.

I, too, want to insert images on Indian women and patients in the scroll in pink. I do not want to use images from web, they may not be royalty free. But I will surely try to click some photos myself and use.

2. Yes, I will increase the font size, for sure.

Thanks a lot


respected sir

i thing the fond size of words is too small and though we are used to it but i think if the fond size is increased for new comers it will be easily readable


Thank you, shirdi. Sure I will use larger font size as suggested by you and rana. Thank you for your feedback.


Doctor - The images of Indian women will definitely look nice. Also I think something to be seen for the font size & colour of the words. See if the combination Pink can be done. Also for the image of community I wish you to suggest a image - I have sent a mail for it - see if it looks good.

One more suggestion as we have done the images on the left hand side - can we think of doing on the right hand side


Thanks for your feedback, kontak. I will increase the font size and will see what best I can do to the colours. I got your email too. I will surely use the second image for the community. I will surely try the images on the right hand side and see the appeal. I am doing a photoshoot of a few relatives in next few days and put up the photos in the slideshow, to give an authentic Indian look. Once again, sincere thanks for your feedback.


I just spent some time on your web page. The layout and organization are very easy to use. I do agree that larger font sizes would help to pull people into the pages more. Especially when we are worried and stressed, it is hard to deal with a lot of information in small print. Very bold questions and headings help one to organize information and questions, and larger print makes it easier to read through to find the information most important for each individual. On the home page could the information on the left be moved slightly to the left, making more room for the information on the right to be done in a larger font?


Thanks for your feedback, pkenn. I will increase the font size, for sure. I understand the logic. And yes, I can very well make the info on right more visible by moving things a little to the left. Will tinkle around with measurements on the page


A sincere thanks to each and every one of you for your feedback. I appreciate all your suggestions, and am working on them to improve the page. It will take a few days of trial and error to achieve the optimum balance and look.

Thank you.


Hello sir

Please check the link of breastcancerindia u posted above.website is not opening.with that link..I have made request for the breastcancerindia link.I think there is bit confusion with the link and healthunlocked.



Rana - Last night the link would not open for me. When I looked at it I realized that, for some reason there was a ) at the end of it. When I removed that it opened. this morning, after reading your post I tried the same link and it opened just fine. I'm not sure what I did differently, but check to see if there is something extra after net.


It was my mistake. That bracket ')' as you correctly mentioned, was causing an error. I edited it and removed it. Thanks.


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