Happy Friendship Day!

This forum started with a few members initially. I remember the day, when it crossed 50 members, I was so happy. Then slowly, it grew more and more, and now we are about to cross 500 members. And it is only because of the efforts of all you lovely members. For me, this is not only a place to help people on medical opinions or provide some help and moral boost during times of treatment, but also a place to make new friends. And I am sure, it is the same with you all too.

I haven't met any of you personally, but our daily interaction has been so much, our sharing of views, experiences, joys, sorrows, everything; that I can very well feel I know you so well. And the day, I meet any of you, I would never feel I am meeting for first time, but would feel, I know you since such a long time!

So, on behalf of Team BCI, I wish a Happy Friendship Day to you all!

Thank you for being such wonderful friends, always there to share and care.

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  • dr. thanks for reminding us...wish you all happy friendship day, may god fulfill all your wish...i am with all of my friends, if anytime any one want any sort of help from me...plz let me know i will be more happy...if can become a part of your problem and help your toward happiness...this is only forum where i feel, it not just a forum to discuss our problem....its really more than that its like a family...

  • Happy Friendship day to all. Nice to meet such a group of friends and to share with them

  • Happy friendship day!! :) :) :).

  • Happy Friendship Day to All of U guys.. :)

  • Thank you Dr. Shah. Happy Friendship day to all !!!

  • Dr Shah, that this forum has grown to 500 members is a tribute to your understanding and caring about us. I hope every day will be a friendship day for you as well as us.

  • Belated Happy Friendship Day to all. :)

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