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Costing for Perjeta and Herceptin



I have recently been diagnosed with cancer and would like to know the approximate cost of Perjeta and Herceptin.


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Both perjeta and herceptin (herceptin is patented by Roche, in India it is more commonly known as Trastuzumab, it's active ingredient nor Hertraz or herclon) are used in stage IV of breast cancer.

Perjeta or pertuzumab costs approximately 2.55 lakh per 420 mg vial. First dose is 840 mg so 2 vials are required as first dose. Made by Roche, they also run a patient support program called the Blue Tree Program administered by TechMahindra. They have a system in place where one can buy one perjeta and they will give second one for free. So effectively the per vial cost goes half. Your oncologist will be able to guide you on how to avail this offer.

Trastuzumab costs 57000 per vial of 440 mg and has a life of 21days after reconstitution. First dose is 8 mg per kg of body weight and subsequent doses are 6 mg per kg of body weight. An ideal weight for Trastuzumab is 55 kg where the left over medicine is in sync with next dose. This weight optimally utilizes the dose. Of course this weight may not be possible for everyone. Do the calculation. Roche also has a patient support for their Herceptin but it costs 1.1 lakh per 440 mg and they offer 1 vial free for every 5 purchased.. that's roughly 16% discount. It is still cheaper to get herclon / Hertraz. Again your oncologist will be able to guide you on this.

The treatment is expensive but apparently it works at stage IV breast cancer. Please google and read up on Cleopatra study of stage IV breast cancer.

For perjeta, I think there is a further suport available that if one purchases 7 paid vials, I think they offer all subsequent vials for free, but you need to check on this from the bluetree people. The Bluetree guys are very helpful and proactive when it comes to free vials. THEY will chase YOU when you need to get the free ones. Very heart warming experience.

Source of this information : my research while getting treatment for my wife for stage IV BC which has recurred after 12 years. First at age 28 and then at age 40.

All the very best to you.

Whyo in reply to IronWill123

Thank you very much


I have an update on prices for both Perjeta and Trastuzumab.

These two medicine can be obtained from AMRIT pharmacy at your location and is priced at close to 2.1 lakh against an MRP of 2.55 lakh. You will also get 1 free for every one vial purchased.

Trastuzumab is also available of Intas Pharma and priced at 17.5k. free vials are also available and can be negotiated.

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