Current cost of Herceptin in India


My Mother-in-law is on 4th stage of Breast Cancer and is recommended to take targeted therapy of Herceptin at least 17 to 18 cycles in this year. Can anyone please share the current price of Herceptin and its availability?

Your prompt response is highly appreciated to take a quick decision for my mother's health.


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  • Hi Dimple - welcome to our forum. Its very sorry to hear about your Mother in law. Can you pl share from which place you are so that our members can help

  • I am from Ahmedabad, Gujarat. And, my mother is undergoing the treatment at Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute (GCRI)

  • Lets see

  • Dear Dimple,

    The cost of Herceptin, if brought from an Institute, will usually be the MRP. But if you manage to get it from a distributor, it will definitely be cheaper. And sometimes, they do have schemes going on. The best person to help you with this is your Medical Oncologist. You must request him to guide you either to Roche's representatives, who can directly provide Herceptin to you (Roche is the company which manufactures Herceptin). If not Roche, you can also buy from Emcure, which also is the same molecule. So I suggest, you sit with your Oncologist and request him to help you out.

  • Thank you very much Sumeet. Let me discuss this with my Onco.

  • Dear Dimple,

    Sorry to hear about the Metastatic nature of the breast cancer detected in your MIL.

    The Guidelines mention, Herceptin is to be given till progression.

    Herceptin MRP = Rs 72000

    Through distributor or directly via company it can be as cheap as 47-49k

    This is the price per cycle average.

    The dose of herceptin is 8 mg/kg as loading dose initially, and later it is 6mg/kg body weight. (Just simply multiple your MILs weight with these numbers to get your doses.

    Clinical evidence is to use it in combination with chemotherapy initially, for instance Paclitaxel or Docetaxel, and after 4-6 # or more, the chemo drug is usually stopped, and the Herceptin continues.

    She will need a baseline 2D ECHO (to assess heart function), and subequently simple CT scans on 4-6 monthly basis to monitor her cancer.

    Dr Rohit Malde MD, DNB, FRCR (UK)

    Consultant Clinical & Radiation Oncologist

    BNH HCG Cancer Centre

    Dr Balabhai Nanavati Hospital

  • Thank you so much Dr. Rohit for this valuable information.

  • Hello Dr. Rohit,

    What happens to those who can't afford the injection. Is there any help or resources for them?

  • Unfortunately as hard as it sounds.

    They don't have Herceptin.the company at times gives offers for 1 free vials for every 4-5 bought. But it's not free and still expensive.

  • Yes it is true

  • Thank you Dr. Anil

  • I had purchased Biceltius at Rs.51,000.00 from Kolkata and the said drug is an alternative to Herceptin from the distributor and used in Tata Medical Center. Dr. Rohit is right the cost from purchasing from Distributor will be less compared to directly purchase from Hospital.

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