Herceptin full financial assistance denied

My mother was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer and she needed herceptin which we couldn’t afford. Roche has a programme that it offers for a case like my mom’s. They told us the creteria is based on affordability. Since my mother is our dependant and she has no medical insurance and any other source of income, we were told that if proof is provided , she can get 100%. We got everything that was required and in order for the treatment to be commenced while the reimbursement process was taking place, we used our credit card to pay with the hope of paying the money back once we get the reimbursement. We on,y received 20% . This was devastating to us all and we all went depression dealing with breast cancer and debt. We pealed their decision but to no avail. I do not know what to do. Hence I took time to search for forums like this to get advice.

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  • Hello can you brief more what Roche had informed in their scheme

  • What is your location? is there any link of Roche's site for details of this program?

  • Hi,

    My experience with Roche (their service providers) towards the end of the treatment was not very pleasant . Though the earlier part was literally hassle free, When we started - under their BlueTree program for cancer care - they were giving away a vile of 440 mg Herceptin for Initial 12 vials purchased, then on 17th would be provided if we purchased three more viles (14,15,16)

    Close to the end someone from their provider called and informed me that they are now providing the 18th one also , under a new "scheme" - but that never happened due to shoddy cordination, movement of their office locations and folks without updated information - multiple reasons and I gave up as we were close to completion of our Herceptin cycles.

    Please send me a message (PM) from the portal - have some viles with me, let me check how we can be of help to you in this difficult time.



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