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Is Chemo required for early stage BC? Will radiation not suffice? - please help

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Hello people,

I just came across this wonderful community just now, and I hope at the right time.

My mother has recently been diagnosed with BC - stage - 1 - Left Breast 1.5cm x 1cm. Breast conservation surgery was performed before 2 weeks.

Post that we received a report which concluded -

1. Invasive carcinoma NST, grade 2, left breast, left BCS. pT1cN1a.

2. Low grade DCIS seen.

3. Lymphovascular tumour emboli seen.

4. 1 out of the 19 left axillary lymph nodes (Level I to III) show metastatic carcinoma with extranodal extension.

I read in few other sites that in many cases now, for the early stages, that chemo could be safely skipped and it could be directly taken to radiation alone.

However my mother's oncologist suggests 8 cycles of chemo and then radiation.

We are in a very confused place, because we know it's in the starting stage but again should chemo be given. My mom is so scared about chemo. I'm not able to give her strength, because I myself don't know what she'll have to face.

Can anybody please suggest if going to chemo is the right option.?

Should I go with the oncologist's direction?

If yes, chemo is the way, please send in your wishes for her to face it with strength.

In dire need on help.

Thanks in advance,

- Shruthi

From Coimbatore,


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There are enough characteristics like Lymphovascular Tumour emboli and the fact that it has already spread to neighbouring lymph node and the cancer has spilled outside the node via extranodal spread to warrant Adjuvant Chemotherapy here.

The receptor Status is missing (ER/PR/Her2).

If she is ER/PR Positive and would want to know whether she would really benefit or not there is a 2.95 Lakh RS test called Oncotype Dx which may be recommended . if score is lowz Chemo may be safely avoided.If it's high chemo will be strongly recommended.

If she is ER/PR/Her 2 -ve then she ideally merits Adjuvant Chemo and OncotypenDx test is not recommended here.

I would go with your Qualified medical Oncologist.

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in reply to roxboxfox

Thank you so much sir. The test you are talking about was taken it resulted in two positive and one negative.

And yes, we are proceeding with chemotherapy starting tomorrow.

Thank you for your help.


Hi I'm also a survivor. I would suggest you to follow your Doctor's advice. I only do what my Doctor advice to me because he only knows about my health condition. It's been 10 yrs now by God's grace living a normal life.

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